Taking teen out of public school to homeschool-NEED ADVICE!

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Taking teen out of public school to homeschool-NEED ADVICE!

Postby secondchance » Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:51 pm

I am new here, but I thought this might be a great place to get some feedback. My 15 yo dd is in 10th grade in public school, and while she likes it because she likes being there with her friends, she has on average 5 -7 hours of homework a night. Many times more. She is taking 3 honors classes because the academic classes are too easy for her, but the honors classes are very student-centered learning, which means that they are not taught as much, the teachers serve more as a facilitator, and the student is responsible for the learning. She is always exhausted and we don't get to spend a lot of time with her. My husband and I do not see this as a good way to spend the last few years of high school. We would like to take her out of school now and not even send her back after Christmas break. She has already stated that she is opposed to this idea. She is not really open to hs'ing. I have been praying that God would change her mind. But what if she doesn't change her mind? She can be a toughie and really dig her heels in at times. We have always tried to do what seemed to suited her, but I think sometimes that it was a mistake. She is very social and very attached to her friends. She has decent friends and is not a "bad" kid. She is mouthy with us often, rude many times, and manages her time very poorly. But those are probably her biggest faults. She does not sneak out behind our backs, she doesn't smoke or drink, and her grades are good as well. Are we forcing our way on her? I don't like how much she is being drawn away from the family. She definitely prefers her friends over us, and we don't see much of her because she goes up to her room a lot. Many times she is wasting time texting I instead of studying, and we take the phone away. But it also seems like she has very little time for God. Does anyone have any experience like this that they could share? Maybe I just need some encouragement. Hubby really wants her out of PS, and truthfully I do, too. But I know she's going to be a handful at home.

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Postby Chris2267 » Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:57 pm

It is always harder when the student doesn't want to do something.
Can you compromise and have her finish this year and start this summer with 11th grade at home and she may see how less stressful it is and see how great homeschooling is.

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Same question ... very similiar kid!

Postby cmjohnson3198 » Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:07 am

I have a 10th grader as well who we are considering pulling out of the public school system. In fact, *secondchance* you basically described my daughter as well! Unfortunately, we have the added problem of facing a $1000 per year tuition cost to keep her in the PS we have her at currently. That's an expense that my husband feels we cannot afford. I know that he is being realistic, but I am unsure that pulling her out of the public schools is a good idea for her. I am looking at the non-traditional coursework that she was scheduled to take next year and the other school activities (i.e. band, prom, and graduation) that she will be missing and I question whether I can support the decision of homeschooling her. Especially given the fact that I will be homeschooling her Kindergarten and 1st grade sisters at the same time and I don't want a bad attitude from her tainting their perception of school and homeschooling. I'm just curious how other home school parents who went to public school as kids reconcile in their minds the loss of memories for their kids and themselves of traditional public school events and activities? And has homeschooling at the high school level helped or hurt their college bound teens?

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