What public schools don't want YOU to know.

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Kelly Z.
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What public schools don't want YOU to know.

Postby Kelly Z. » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:41 am

I have a very close friend that is involved in law-enforcement who was assigned a post in a public middle school. In his area it is common for officers to be assigned to a varies public schools, usually a middle schools or high schools.

Any way this officer was a younger fella that was very proactive and within 30 days of being assigned to his public middle school he made several arrests (over 20) for assaults, drugs, thefts, property crimes etc. Concluding that first month the principal called the police department and requested that, that officer be removed from his school. When questioned as to why, he replied that the arrests brought too much negative publicity to his school.

Sad but very true....

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Postby Blessings4all » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:46 pm

I sub in public schools and you can't imagine the things I hear middle school and high school kids saying these days. I never would have said such things when I was in school. It's very sad.
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They also lie to protect to parents

Postby honest_scott » Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:04 pm


I took my son out of public school because I caught the assistant principal lying to me about another child's behavior in school.

This kid was hitting my son on the school bus, the first time they gave him a one day suspension, and the very next day he hit him again.

This time they wanted to know who else saw it happen?

Well, no adults were on the bus, and the cameras don't work, so we had no proof except for his psychotic behavior at the bus stop.

I questioned his behavior at school and I was told he was a great student, never gave anyone any problems.

She didn't realize that I lived in the same building as the child in question, and when I told her the things I had seen him do, she went quiet, and I told her he (my son) is not coming back to school.

I could never get the real principal on the phone, she was always "in a meeting".

This was in Denver Colorado, and in the Cherry Creek School District which is touted to be one of the finest in Denver...yeah, right.

These people wasted a lot of money on a memorial for Columbine, but they don't have the money to have an assistant on the school bus, or a working video camera.

They didn't learn a thing from Columbine.

It was hard at first, the Denver public school system wouldn't help us at all, but now my son loves home schooling.

You can not trust your child's safety to the public school system, all they do is protect their pensions and school funding.


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Postby Nicole333 » Fri Jan 20, 2012 10:32 pm

Good for you Scott! My husband and I decided to homeschool before our girls were even school age. We decided to keep them home because we knew the public school would want to push our girls up a grade or two and surrounding them with older children did not sound like a good idea. Peer pressure from these children I did not know is not what I wanted my influential girls to be subject to. And after we decided to homeschool I heard one too many stories of wrong doings happening to children in public schools. Even if the teachers/principals were interested in our children's safety they simply do not have the man power to do so. 20-30 children in one class? The teachers can barely manage teaching one subject to all those children. So many children get left behind academically because of it. Sad : (
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