Homeschooling in Germany - is there a work around?

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Homeschooling in Germany - is there a work around?

Postby mom-to-an-angel » Wed May 07, 2014 1:29 pm

There is a possibility of our family being moved to Germany for one year for my husband's job. As we will not become permanent resident's of Germany and know there are other families over there for work slo, I was wondering the following: Has anyone heard of a non military family homeschooling successfully by enrolling their child in an "umbrella" school here in the US and calling it distance learning?

I have read where some families are successful in arguing their status as resident aliens for a temporary period and planning to return to the US, so they are teaching at home to not fall behind in their English language studies. Could an umbrella school provide the "cover" necessary to work around the German system? They are used in the US in some states to work around exisiting state level laws - is it feasible it would work internationally?

Thanks for your insights!
All the best...


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