Caregiver Stress Revisited

Are you homeschool a special needs child? Are you personally physically challenged? Here is the place to share your questions, tips, and experiences.

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Caregiver Stress Revisited

Postby cafemama » Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:27 pm

I was just going back and reading over old posts and found the caregiver stress thread very helpful.

My husband and I have four children that we adopted internationally, two as infants and two as older children. Our big girls came home with multiple undiagnosed special needs and we have spent the last two years walking through the diagnosis process and trying to regain peace in our home. Homeschooling was so challenging with the particular multiple diagnoses our big girls have that we chose to send them to a small charter school this year, hoping it would be a good fit for their needs. Unfortunately, it has not been a good fit and has even been detrimental in many ways. For a number of reasons I will be homeschooling all the children again beginning in December. I am a licensed teacher, so I am not concerned about meeting academic teaching requirements or writing learning plans for my children. What I am most concerned about is caregiver stress AND sibling stress.

Our big girls struggle with reactive attachment disorder,[i] severe[/i] post traumatic stress disorder, and developmental cognitive disabilities - possibly fetal alcohol spectrum (waiting on diagnosis).

How do you other moms with special needs kids stay healthy?

How do you keep from falling apart if you have children with extreme needs?

How do you build a support system?

How do you structure your child's day?

How do you keep caregiving and teaching the special needs child balanced with teaching your other non-special needs children?

Thank you all in advance for sharing your ideas and encouragement!


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Postby cass8erica5 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:41 am

Hi Meg
I think it is important to not only find a good homeschool network near you but also an adoptive parent network or support group. I am in a similar situation as I have two adopted girls One with special needs. Everyone has different things they do that relieve stress, for me exercise, being able to get the heart rate up helps relax me and focus better. I know I'm not answering all of your questions but I hope this helps. feel free to im me I'd like to talk further if you want

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