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HELP NEEDED-Adopting 3 disabled children and time is ticking

Posted: Sat Sep 18, 2010 3:22 pm
by UkrainianOrphans
We are the Kelley family: Bruce, Colleen, McKennaugh (14), Brennan (10), Nevin, (7) and Tivon (2).

We are trying to bring home Mykyta (he is four and has hydrocephalus and Goldenhar syndrome), Timur (age four he also has hydrocephalus and he's blind), and Leyehna (age fifteen, but she's the size of a two-year-old and cannot speak or walk. She only has hydrocephalus, but was placed in a mental institution. In Ukraine, you can go to a mental institution for ANYTHING--including a cleft lip or missing finger, etc. Children are mistreated and often starve to death in these places. If not adopted by the age of 16, they never leave--it's like a prison. Mykyta is due for transfer to one/or possibly could have just been transferred last month and Timur will be probably in Feb.)

All these children have ever done is lay in cribs or beds. No medical attention, no schooling, no love, no toys, little food (Mykyta's four years old & fifteen pounds!)

We have been adopting the children since Dec. 2009. Our children are running out of time...and so is our paperwork!!!

Can someone please visit our website, and help us??? --

McKennaugh Kelley, age 14, Troy, Pennsylvania

Pictures of our children:





Timur (in the arms of a missionary):


Posted: Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:07 am
by Theodore
I checked out the price range of Ukrainian adoptions, it appears the $60K amount on the site is probably about right. However, I advise verifying this in person before making any donations. There is no way to verify over a web forum that people are who they say they are or that the money is actually going towards adoptions.

We Are Real and So Are The Children!!

Posted: Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:31 am
by UkrainianOrphans
We aren't trying to take people's money, we promise! We are just a homeschooling, Christian family that is rescuing 3 children!

If you would like to give or pass on this information, but feel afraid, you can call us and meet our family over the phone to know that we are real!!

We found out about how it is for Ukrainian special needs children when my husband's brother and his wife began the adoption process of 3 special needs children from Ukraine in Dec. We decided that we needed to do this, too, and started at the same time! They already have theirs home, but our children are still laying there!
Colleen Kelley

The Kelley Family consists of: Bruce, (me!), McKennaugh (14), Brennan (10), Nevin (7), and Tivon (2). (We tried to put a picture of us on here, but for some reason we can't get it to work! You can see us on the website, though!)

(570) 549-2442

197 Buck Road
Troy, Pa. 16947