IEP, Homeschooling, loosing services

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IEP, Homeschooling, loosing services

Postby northernroots » Thu Mar 17, 2016 9:15 pm

So this is much shorter now as I just somehow deleted everything I wrote, but essentially I was wondering if anyone knew, with regards to IEP's if:

We choose to not send our son, who is in Pre-K at an early intervention center on an IEP for Aspergers and Anxiety, to kindergarten next year, as the school district really wants since he is apparently really smart academically, but kept him home and homeschooled Pre-k again or kindergarten next year, would he loose his IEP for the year after if we send him to public school? Or would he loose his IEP with the public schools if he is homeschooled for a year?

We have thought if we can simply "tell" the IEP meeting folks that "that he will go the public school for kindergarten 3 days a week for 3 hours a day for a year then the following year will attend full-time" then he will keep his IEP. Of course I am asking this on a Homeschool forum with wondering about putting him back into the school system, but that is partly for OT etc. services, but we have very much contemplated homeschool in general as a possibility. But wanted to see if anyone knew the answer to above question(s) so we knew all our facts going into our meeting. I know the IDEA/ADA laws are federal and the school have to follow them, we live in Wyoming, so just wanted to ask.

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