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How to teach mixed learners: dyslexic child and gifted child

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:00 am
by franklin9

I have been homeschooling for several years now, but as my children get older, I am finding myself at a loss of direction. I have a 10 year old with dyslexia and other learning "hurdles". Additionally I have a 7 year old who is an exceptionally quick learner and is learning at such a rapid pace! Last year I was able to keep the two together but now the younger one requires more advanced learning while the older of the two still struggles and is beginning to feel "left behind". This year I also add my kindergartener to the class. Any tips or advice on how to provide the best learning environment for both of my boys? Thanks! :?

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:03 pm
by momo3boys
There are lots of things you can still do together. History, art, science and other specials can be done as a family. The only things you have to separate are math, reading and spelling. Those things are the times that you pay special attention to each child and make that time special, most importantly to the child that is "falling behind". I do different curriculum for math so that they can't compare what they are working on. They do different things at different times. I takes a bit of the stress away from them as they learn. I love doing story of the world for history because we are as a family, and we work together at our own pace. I'm sure you can find some things you can use as well.

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:33 pm
by franklin9
Thanks for the advice! Especially about the math portion. I guess Ijust didn't know where to divide the coursework. Yes, we all enjoy the science and social studies together but I believe you are right about the math and reading portion. Each boy would feel sucessful in his own way. That's the beauty of homeschooling! Somehow I forgot about that and must have gotten into the "traditional public school" mode where they group everyone together. Thank you for your reply! God bless you!

Posted: Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:37 pm
by franklin9
P.S. What math curriculum(s) have you used successfully for your diversified children? What was stimulating for the "gifted" child and which did you find helpful for the struggling child? I have used Math-U-See in the past but it just isn't going over so well. Thanks again!

Posted: Tue Aug 12, 2008 10:14 am
by momo3boys
My 8yo enjoyed using Miquon, he picks things up quickly and easily when it comes to math, and doesn't need a lot of review. Miquon goes from one subject to another very smoothly. I let him pick the order in the book, but he can't go to the next book until he has finished the one he is in. Others will go through all the books one subject at a time. Pick out all the addition, or subtraction, or fractions and let the child master it before moving on. It is very flexible. It is also very inexpensive.

I started with the developmental math for my oldest but it was way too much review, and the pages were very overwhelming with problems. Then I started just using old math books that I found at tag sales and supplementing them with various workbooks, it is more work but it worked really well. We were able to go at our own pace and go over things if we got stuck.

Reading is one-on-one, we just read, for reading. They pick out books that they like at the library and I have some old readers that the schools discarded. You can find them at tag sales, or at amazon.

I hope that helps. Just remember to remind them that everyone is different. I use the "God card" and tell them they were created for different purposes and so they are good at different things for a reason. It is up to you. Just don't forget or else one may feel not worthy when they really are very special children.