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A number of years ago, before Practical Homeschooling, Big Happy Family, Homeschool PC, and Homeschool World, there was HELP, a magazine somewhat similar to Big Happy Family in that it contained many helpful tips on a variety of subjects, including child training, blessing announcements, housework, and family worship. Eighteen issues were printed before it stopped being published.

Since Homeschool World was started in the beginning of 1996, we have received many requests for us to re-publish HELP on the web. Now, by popular demand, we have finally started to do so! May you have an enjoyable time exploring these pages of wisdom and witticism.

HELP Issue 1
HELP Issue 2 - Table of Contents
HELP Issue 3 - Table of Contents
HELP Issue 4 - Table of Contents
HELP Issue 5
HELP Issue 6 - Table of Contents
HELP Issue 7
HELP Issue 8
HELP Issue 9
HELP Issue 10
HELP Issue 11
HELP Issue 12
HELP Issue 13
HELP Issue 14
HELP Issue 15
HELP Issue 16
HELP Issue 17
HELP Issue 18