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June 30, 2003  Where do you get your information about homeschooling?

June 11, 2003  What is your favorite homeschool method?

May 21, 2003  Is the new educational software better?

May 10, 2003  What is the greatest advantage of homeschooling?

April 27, 2003  How long do you plan to homeschool your children?

April 12, 2003  Are American standards good enough for homeschoolers?

Are American standards good enough for homeschoolers?

US standards, including those for college entrance, are much lower than those in the rest of the world. In England, for example, college-bound 16-year-olds must learn more than 18-year-old US high school graduates. In fact, even the best US high school graduates would not qualify to be accepted at a university in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or Africa. And increasingly, graduate students of US technical universities come from abroad.

Q. Given that homeschoolers in the US score significantly higher on standardized tests than their public schooled peers, which of the following best represents your point of view?

We're doing ok as it is; don't rock the boat. 12.68% (9)
We need to aim higher to get back to our grandparents' level of education. 28.17% (20)
We need to aim higher to compete with the rest of the world. 47.89% (34)
We shouldn't care what the Europeans do; American education is better. 1.41% (1)
My kids will be attending American colleges; they're doing well enough already. 1.41% (1)
I find the idea of homeschoolers doing even better somewhat terrifying. 8.45% (6)
Total Votes: 71 (Last vote on March 24, 2016)

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