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Intentional anti-homeschool ruling?

A Los Angeles court judge, whose written opinion was agreed to by two other judges, has made a ruling that could prevent all California parents without teachers' credentials from homeschooling their own children.

Oddly enough, this decision was made just one month after a powerful coalition of Christian and pro-familiy organizations called for a mass "exodus" from California schools.

So a California court is trying to outlaw homeschooling in California almost as soon as serious pressure is being brought to bear against the use of public schools for sexual indoctrination.

Q. Do you think the two events are connected?

Yes, this is the establishment's way of trying to crush all dissent. 50.26% (95)
Yes, but it's only this court acting alone on its own initiative. 15.34% (29)
Maybe, but we'll never know for sure. 22.75% (43)
No, the establishment isn't worried by homeschooling. 2.65% (5)
No, the court probably has never even heard of the Exodus movement. 8.99% (17)
Total Votes: 189 (Last vote on March 24, 2016)

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