Suggesting some topics

We figure you know what you want to talk about better than we do, so why not give us a hand in picking topics?

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Suggesting some topics

Postby starboard » Tue Nov 29, 2005 6:44 pm

Hi, I'm new here, and would like to suggest some possible topics,
I was looking for a topic where I could discuss the problems my child is having in public school - like 'PUBLIC SCHOOL ISSUES or benefits of homeschooling" reasons homeschooling would benefit the change. How about "FIELD TRIP IDEAS" or "TIPS FROM HOMESCHOOL PARENTS" "HELP & ADVICE" would be great. This looks like a great site and a nice message board . Thanks for having it!

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Regarding those topic suggestions:

Postby Theodore » Wed Nov 30, 2005 6:11 am

We have a board "Homeschool vs Public School", which is a good place to post what you think about public school / homeschool. It also has links to statistics.

We have a board "Getting Started", which does a good job of covering help / advice and tips from homeschool parents. If you have tips, feel free to post them there.

"Field Trip Ideas" would be a good topic, but it's perhaps a bit too specific. Can you think of a more general-purpose topic that would cover field trips plus other things as well?

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