Single mom working 40 hours a week, will homeschooling work

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Postby Munchie33 » Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:26 pm

I have to agree. At school, a child is forced into a social group that consists almost entirely of other children his or her age. We don't think much of it because it's become the norm, but it's a highly unnatural form of socialisation. Children learn their social skills from those around them, so it makes sense for us to surround them with those we want them to learn these skills from. Such people are not usually kids their own age! Playmates their own age are beneficial, but certainly an entire class of 20 or 30 isn't needed for that. In schools, how many kids are good friends with their entire class? We don't naturally want or need more than a few friends. It makes sense, then, to remove the excess so that unwanted behaviour isn't picked up. One way of doing this is by removing a child from the classroom environment. It's important to provide opportunities for socialisation and play, but honestly, I have yet to meet a homeschool parent who keeps their child in the house all day working as if in a cell. It is more natural and better for behaviour to have a few close friends thier own age and more friends or acquaitances of a variety of different ages.

Many parents will tell you stories of the plethora of bad behaviours or ideas picked up from schools. I think that as long as the parent puts the effort into providing social activities, homeschool socialising is more beneficial than that of the standard Victorian school. I've read a number of studies supporting this (i.e. that maturity levels were higher, peer pressure and behavioural problems lower, in homeschooled children than in externally schooled children) which I can dig up and post if anyone feels the need, although a quick Google could probably find more.

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