An online nanny to help you!

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An online nanny to help you!

Postby katiemom » Mon Nov 15, 2010 10:11 am

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum but I have enjoyed reading everyone's helpful posts! I thought I would share a new program that we started incorporating into our homeschool day and just general family life that has really helped us. Since starting to homeschool all 4 of my children I have found one of my biggest challenges to be organization. I have posted charts in the past with chores and homeschool assigments. Plus I had a rewards system I had charted out as well. I found things to be a bit scattered and hard to keep up with. We just started using Nanny's Circle about a month ago and it has really helped a lot! You can check it out at . It is literally like having a virtual Nanny. You can organize everything there - your chores, allowance, homeschool assignments, rewards, personal goals - everything! I love it because it is all in one place. My kids have their own login so they can check everything off and earn "Nanny points" for jobs well done. You may want to check it out online - I hope some of you can benefit from this information. Oh by the way, they do have a free trial.

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