FS:Abeka grades 1-10-CHEAP

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FS:Abeka grades 1-10-CHEAP

Postby ncmom » Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:16 pm

Prices do not include shipping but all shipping is media mail so it won't add much to the totals. If you want something other than media mail please let me know. Most books are previous editions; however, I have found through my years of homeschooling that the info in the books does NOT change just the pictures and occasionally the page numbers. Most books are compatible with the current editions and if they are listed here then I used them with each other. Please email with questions. I am still cleaning out so I may have more later.

1st grade:
Science student book $3.00
Stepping Stones $2.50
Tip Toes $2.50
$6.00 for set

2nd grade:
Science teachers edition $2.00

3rd grade:
Science teachers book $5.00
Science student test, quiz, worksheets $3.00
Science teachers test, quiz, worksheets $3.00
Math teachers key $5.00
Math curriculum $10.00
Math tests/speed drills teachers key $3.00
$25.00 for set

2 Math student books (one starts at lesson 9 the other at lesson 50, written in through lsn 63, and does not match above set would be great for extra practice) $2.00 for both

4th grade:
Language A answer key $5.00
History student book older edition $3.00
$6.00 for set

History student edition lots of highlighting but still readable not current $1.00
~if you buy the above set and want this book I will throw it in for free~

5th grade:
Old World History Maps/Activities Student--clean/complete
Old World History Maps/Activities Teacher
$6.00 for set or 3.50 each

Science student quiz book (old edition) $2.50
Science teacher quiz book (old edition) $2.50
$4.00 for set

Science student book $3.00
Science tests student and teacher--clean/complete $6.00
Science quizzes student and teacher--clean/complete $6.00
Math Speed drills and tests student only--clean/complete $3.00
English Tests student only--clean/complete $3.00
History Maps/activities (2 editions back) clean/complete $1.00
History student book used with above maps/activities(missing page 94 otherwise complete) $1.00
$20.00 for set

6th grade:
Health complete set--not current but info hasn't changed
Teachers book
student book
student test and study book--clean/complete
teachers key test and study book
$10.00 for set

7th grade:
Science-student book (current) $5.00
Science-student worksheets, quizzes, tests $3.00
Of people lit book student copy $5.00
Of people lit tests teachers key $2.00
Life of Christ tests, quizzes, semester review teachers key $2.00
Exodus tests, quizzes, semester review teachers key $2.00
Exodus and Life of Christ video manual $2.00
2 copies History teacher test key $2.00 per copy
English quizzes and key (not current but was used with newer edition) $2.00
$20.00 for set

8th grade:
Pre-Algebra current teachers key $10.00
Pre-Algebra current test/quiz key $5.00
Pre-Algebra current solution key $10.00
Pre-Algebra current video manual $2.00
2 copies of Joshua/Judges student outline $3.00 each
Joshua/Judges tests, quizzes, semester review teachers key $2.00
Bible 8 video manual (I used this in place of curriculum) $2.00
$30.00 for set

9th grade:
Spanish one student tests clean/complete/current $3.00
World Geography student test/quiz clean/complete/current $3.00
World Geography student map studies First few lessons written on but they are still in the book; otherwise clean/complete/current $2.00
$5.00 for set

10th grade:
Algebra 2 student book $5.00
Algebra 2 solutions key $10.00
Algebra 2 test key $3.00 (I made my own test from key)
Algebra 2 solution key for test and quizzes $7.00
Spanish 2 student vocab manual clean/complete/current $7.00
Spanish 2 teachers vocab manual-current $7.00
Spanish 2A student book clean/complete/current $7.00
Spanish 2B student book clean/complete/current $7.00
$50 for all

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