Just completed IOWA math test, and the results were...

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Just completed IOWA math test, and the results were...

Postby scrapperjen » Sat May 30, 2009 7:02 pm

....not as good as I would have liked. Both my boys, ages 12 and 13, have completed the basic math courses through math 7. I allowed them to move into pre-algebra and algebra.

They both had difficulty completing the math sections with ease this year and seemed to have even forgotten some of the basics.

Can anyone suggest a good review of middle school math? I'd like to do this over the summer.


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basic review for math

Postby lollipop » Thu Nov 05, 2009 6:32 pm

Hi Jenny,
A basic review is helpful before testing. I found "Cliff's Math Review for Standardized Tests" to be very helpful.--Trish

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