BJU CLE R&S Light and the glory, peak with books, homesc

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BJU CLE R&S Light and the glory, peak with books, homesc

Postby Seeker » Tue Jun 23, 2009 7:03 pm

Bob Jones University BJU

BJU Science 2 for Christian Schools student textbook $5

The Light and the Glory for Children : Discovering God's Plan for America from Christopher Columbus to George Washington by Peter Marshall, David Manuel, and Anna Wilson Fishel $5

From Sea to Shining Sea for Children: Discovering God's Plan for America in Her First Half-Century of Independence, 1787-1837 by Peter Marshall, David Manuel, and Anna Wilson Fishel $5

Pioneer Days: Discover the Past with Fun Projects, Games, Activities, and Recipes (American Kids in History Series)

by David C. King $4


Native American unit study- includes all the following 13 books for $25:

1. Crazy Horse: Young War Chief (Childhood of Famous Americans) by George E. Stanley and Meryl Henderson

2. Naya Nuki: Shoshoni Girl Who Ran (Thomasma, Kenneth. Amazing Indian Children Series.) by Kenneth Thomasma and Eunice Hundley

3. Indian Tribes of North America Coloring Book by Peter F. Copeland

4. Woodlands Indians Coloring Book (Dover Coloring Books) by Peter F. Copeland

5. Thanksgiving Activities (Teacher Created materials)
by Renee Henegar

6. Thanksgiving: Activities for the Primary Grades‎
by Judy Beach, Kathleen Spencer


Indians of the Southeast‎
by Richard E. Mancini

8. More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life (A Kid's Guide series) by Laurie Carlson

9. Hiawatha (Picture Puffins) by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Susan Jeffers


11. Little Wolf‎
by Ann McGovern

12. National Geographic Indians of North America (NG USA Thematic Maps) by National Geographic Society

13. Native Americans Thematic Unit by Leigh Hoven, Blanqui Apodaca, and Paula Spence


CLE Christian Light Education:

CLE Learning to Read picture flash cards(b/w) $5

CLE Learning to Read Teacher manual $5

CLE Learning to Read Lightunit 103 $2

CLE Learning to Read Lightunit 104 $2

CLE Language Arts 1 extra practice sheets $2

CLE Language Arts 1 level 100 Teacher manual $5

CLE On Teaching Writing: A Handbook by Jennifer Crider $5

CLE Home economics 1 Lightunit 6 $2

CLE Home economics 1 Lightunit 7 $2

Rod and Staff R&S:

R&S 1st grade phonics flash cards $7

R&S 1st grade We should be thankful (God is good series #7) $2

R&S 2nd grade Our Father’s World Social Studies TM and student book (9 pages of student book written in) set for $4



My America my World grade 1 student book 3rd ed. $6

A Picture Book of Christopher Columbus (Picture Book Biography) by David A. Adler, John C. Wallner, and Alexandra Wallner $3

Peak with Books: An Early Childhood Resource for Balanced Literacy by Marjorie R. Nelsen and Jan Nelsen-Parish $18

Number Sense and Nonsense: Building Math Creativity and Confidence Through Number Play by Claudia Zaslavsky $5

Kids' Easy-to-Create Wildlife Habitats: For Small Spaces in City-Suburbs-Countryside)by Emily Stetson, J. Susan Cole Stone $4

Medieval Times 325-1453 Ad by Frank Edgar (carson dellarosa gr 5-8 activity book) $3

Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide by Marian Broida $5

Ancient Egypt - Theme Series Literature-Based Activities for Thematic Teaching Grades 4-6 by Brenda Wyma $2

Homeschooling at the Speed of Life: Balancing Home, School, And Family in the Real World by Marilyn Rockett $9

Skills evaluation for the home school (older Plastic Comb edition but in excellent condition)

by Rebecca L Avery $7

So You're Thinking About Homeschooling: Second Edition: Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It (Focus on the Family) by Lisa Whelchel $4

Nature Crafts for Kids by Gwen Diehn and Terry Krautwurst $3

Everyday Discoveries: Amazingly Easy Science and Math Using Stuff You Already Have by Sharon MacDonald $7

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