State Dept overseas: English for 1st grade & kindergarte

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State Dept overseas: English for 1st grade & kindergarte

Postby evercraig » Sun Jan 04, 2009 12:55 pm

Hello: I'm with the State Department serving in Austria. Our three older kids (6, 3, 3) go to local schools, but lack professional English instruction. While English is my first language, my workload means I often don't even see the kids before bedtime on weeknights; my wife speaks her native Slovak to them, and of course they have German (which both parents also speak) in school. In the case of our 1st grader, this means his English (we left the States in 2006) is beginning to take on German word order and sound...well, vaguely Amish. He is acing reading and math in German, but that puts his English at a greater disadvantage, particularly since there are no English-speaking kids anywhere near us. What I would love is a hot tip on a good English curriculum for the 1st grader (and another appropriate for the 3-year old twins, who really don't speak English at all, though they do understand me) that I can work through with him parallel to the work he is doing in German in public school.

Thanks in advance from evercraig in wintry Vienna

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