The strong life in the wind and snow

The arts are sometimes overlooked, but they're a valuable part of culture and history.

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The strong life in the wind and snow

Postby jerryailily » Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:29 am

Painting is an enduring artist, as a form of painting, oil-painting has its own unique artistic appeal. It's a language, an emotion the painter pours out on the canvas. Painters blend the beautiful scenery he sees with his inner feelings and create the paintings with unique vitality which can resonate with the audiences.

The painting, life in the snow- subtle fragrance is the work of Song Xiao. The chinese rose standing proudly in the heavy snow has been endowed with another life. The chinese rose is no longer tender, romantic and delicate, it's surviving sturdily. The composition of this painting is rigorous, the rhythm is very compact. It has bright colors, strong contrast, plain and simple style, which brings a strong visual impact to the audiences.

Song Xiao always has distinct creative ideas, creative ways and creative methods. She yearns for freedom and dislikes fetters. She says that The value of the arts lies in their independence and ideological level, it can not only be measured by money. Lively spirit and charm is the criterion that I measure a work of art. I'll insist on painting and creating because I love it, I can excavate the inspiration of life in the deep of my heart through painting. I can express my opinions and perspectives of things through painting. "The series of "The life in the snow" is the inspiration that she excavates from life.Her works are not only full of natural flavors and spiritual interpretations, but also with strong artistic ornamental and influence. They're well worth of collecting and investing.

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