Motivate your child, give hope to a Kenyan orphan

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Motivate your child, give hope to a Kenyan orphan

Postby johners74 » Sat Mar 24, 2012 3:50 pm

Award-winning educational resource What2Learn is doing something a bit special in the run up to Easter. Normally it is not possible to buy a single student account at What2Learn, but up until Sunday 8th April, not only is it possible to buy membership for your home-schooled child, but ALL proceeds (minus whatever PayPal takes as a transaction charge) go to a charity supporting a free school for orphans and children from extremely poor families in Kenya.

Your child will receive:
- Access to thousands of interactive learning games covering most subject areas.
- Hundreds of hours of educational fun.
- In-built rewards such as a virtual farm to run (carrying out jobs and purchasing things for the farm can only be done by spending credits earned by completing learning games).


You will:
- Be able to see evidence of the progress your child is making as the scores your child attains in the games is automatically recorded.

The Neema School (Kenya) Trust will be able to:
- Buy uniforms and equipment for the children.
- Complete building work.
- Pay teachers salaries.


To view a video demo of the system, learn more about the charity or to purchase membership (for under $16) please visit

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