Abeka complete 3rd grade plus some BJU, POS-several grades!

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Abeka complete 3rd grade plus some BJU, POS-several grades!

Postby ncmom » Wed Mar 04, 2009 11:47 pm

I have some Abeka, BJU, Positive Action for Christ, and Secular English for sale. All prices are best offer so feel free to make any FAIR offer. Unless otherwise noted the consumables are clean.

In the first grade set I have:
Phonics and reading curriculum
Letters and Sounds test key
Science book (Discovering God's World)
Bible Curriculum
Tip Toes
Stepping Stones
I am asking $35 for this set OBO.

Abeka 3rd Grade:
Math 3 Curriculum
Math 3 teachers edition
Math 3 tests/spd drills key 25.00 for math set
Science3 Teachers edition (Exploring God's World)
Science 3 tests, quizzes, worksheets
Science 3 tests, quizzes, worksheets key $25.00 for science set

For fourth grade I have:

2 history books
1 science book (Undaerstanding God's World)
I am asking $4.00 each. The books covers are a little beat up but the books are complete and in tact.

In the fifth grade set I have:
Science Book (Investigating God's World)
Science Tests and Key
Science Quizzes and Key
Spelling, Vocab, Poetry (teachers edition)
History Maps and Activity book KEY
Math Tests and Spd drills
Health book
English Tests
I am asking $50.00 OBO for this set.
I also have a second copy of the quizzes and key. Student book starts on quiz 7 otherwise complete and clean. Teachers key complete and clean.
asking $7.00 for set.

seventh grade set includes:
Science book (Order and Reality)
Of People Lit book
Of People test and speed comp tests key
English quizzes
English quizzes key
asking $35.00 OBO

Abeka Grade 9:

Grammar and Composition III student worktext
Written in from pages 1-38 (needs erased), the rest is complete and clean.
asking $10.00 OBO

BJU Biology Complete set:

Teachers books
Student hrdbk book
student field guide
teachers field guide key
facilitators packets with quiz and tests-keys
asking $75.00 OBO

BJU Basic Chemistry complete set:
Teachers Edition
Student Hrdbk book
Lab manual-clean
teachers key to lab manual
All books clean and complete
Asking $70 OBO for set

BJU Geography hrdbk book
asking $5.00

BJU Earth Science
asking $5.00

BJU Life science workbook (starts on page 27)

asking $3.00

BJU Math 6

asking $5.00 each (2 copies)

BJU Math 4 and workbook (wrkbk starts on page 91 and is clean and complete from there to the end)
asking $7.00

BJU Teachers copy of 1st grade math w/curriculum in back
asking $5.00

BJU writing and Grammar Grade 11 Teachers Edition
asking $5.00

BJU Master Teachers Manual Part 1 (1st grade)

asking $3.00

BJU Teachers resource guide to current events 98-99

asking $2.00

BJU Phonics flip charts
asking $5.00 each (two copies)

BJU Heritage studies 2 (hardback book)
asking $5.00

BJU hardback Reading book Grade 4
Asking $5.00

I also have some Bible curriculum from Positive Action for Christ:
I have:
Grade 2:--One set has sold, I still have the other complete set and the extra book.
Finding God's Promises Teachers edition, quizzes and key, and curriculum
Finding God's Promises Student book-Clean
I am asking $40.00 OBO (I have 2 complete sets)
I also have one additional student book that I am asking $5.00 for.

Grade 6:

Winning the Race Teachers edition, quizzes, quizzes key, and curriculum
Winning the Race Student book-Clean
I am asking $40.00 OBO

Secular English from the state of Texas:

Elements of Literature Published by:Holt, Rinehart, and Winston
Lesson Plans
Ones stop planner CR-Rom w/test generator
Reading Skills and Strategies TE
-Miniread skill lessons and selections skill lessons
--teaching notes
--black lines masters
--answer key
Daily Oral Grammar
Grammar and Language LInks
-Worksheets and key
Visual Connections
-Video cassette program (contains 2 vhs tapes with different reading selections on them)
Visual Connections Teachers Manual
-Lesson Plans
Audio CD Library
-Contains 18 CD's with selections read to the student
Lesson Plans
-including strategies for English-Language Learners
Words to Own
-worksheets and Key
Cross-Curricular Activities
English 2 End-of-Course Prep guide w/answer key
Standardized test prep w/answer key
asking $75.00 OBO Last time I looked you could get the student book at amazon or half.com for around $5.00

Glencoe Literature teachers books:
Writing and proofreading practice-contains student reproducibles to help in the writing process.
asking $7.00
Active Reading Guide in Spanish
asking $7.00
Interdisciplinary Activities
asking $7.00
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Postby ncmom » Thu Apr 23, 2009 5:26 pm

I have individually priced each subject set in the 3rd grade set. I will consider any fair offer as my prices are all Best Offer.

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Postby ncmom » Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:10 pm

3rd grade set is sold. All others still available.

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