Art Requirements for the Homeschool

The arts are sometimes overlooked, but they're a valuable part of culture and history.

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Art Requirements for the Homeschool

Postby jessicaparnell » Thu Jul 10, 2008 1:06 pm

Many parents find themselves at the end of the school year and realize that they forgot all about the need to cover art in their homeschool program. Others see it as a daunting class all year long and are unsure of the best way to provide art classes to their homeschooler.

Art is actually a requirement that allows a lot of freedom. In the elementary grades, you are not required to have a formal art curriculum–you are simply required to provide some form of art program that will expose your child to the various aspects of art.

Some choose to purchase an art course, easily available through homeschool curriculum warehouses; others choose to cover art in a more casual way.

Giving your child a variety of art experiences is actually fairly easy.

Some common art projects are listed below:

    Sketches of favorite cartoon characters, still life, landscapes, etc.
    Craft projects
    Free classes at a local craft store such as Michaels or AC Moore
    Building projects– free and low-cost classes available at Lowes, Home Depo or your local hardware store
    Study a specific artist–life, artistic method, etc.
    Pull out the paints and have fun!
    Sewing projects
    Cake decorating
    Greeting cards
    Computer art

Make art an enjoyable class by finding projects that your child can be enthusiastic about.

You have a lot of freedom here--take advantage of it!
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Postby tagsfan » Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:28 pm

This is a great post. I use a history core for my school, and I try to remember to cover art history along with the period of time we are studying.

We recently finished a unit on Colonial America. We used a really good unit study from Homeschool in the Woods, but music was barely touched on. So I added some information on music.

We looked up the Bay Psalter which is the hymnbook many congregations would have used. It was interesting to us that all the hymns were just text. Suggested tunes were listed, so we had to find the hymns we wanted (usually a psalm set to a rhyming verse) and then go and find an appropriate tune. We talked about how people would know some of the tunes, and they mostly would have had to sing without instruments.

We also found many folk songs that would have come over from Europe, and we talked about dancing and it's purpose in the culture. We learned to do a simplified version of the minuet. Lastly, we talked about the music that would have come over with the slaves, and the beginnings of the Spirituals.

There is a lot of rich information if you just start looking into the music of a certain time period. Someday, I would like to just study the history of American music starting in the 1600s and going forward until today.
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