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Making Vocab Puzzle Software: Need to Choose from 12 Ideas

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 04, 2014 7:14 pm    Post subject: Making Vocab Puzzle Software: Need to Choose from 12 Ideas Reply with quote

I need some opinions on which of the 12 ideas (listed far below) to go forward with. The idea is to make software that helps teachers make crossword puzzles to teach vocabulary. Once I get some good positive response I'll start development & will need some people to help me test it out. But that comes later.

(And I know there are free crossword puzzle worksheet makers, but you can't make shapes, you can't make them dense, & they're usually ugly.)

As it happens, I was thinking about conventional schoolteachers & all when brainstorming so you homeschool folks might be able to throw some really good ideas my way.

Here are the ideas. These will all be paid commercial products, but then again some of you will get whatever I make for free since you'll help me test:

1) “Puzzle Parade” Mass Word Puzzle Maker - Type Your Wordlist Once, Get 6 Kinds of Puzzles
a. Save a lot of time by not having to go through 6 different tools.
b. Types: Crossword, Word-search, Bingo Cards, Match-the-columns, Word-scramble, Flashcards.
c. Can load pre-made wordlists for various themes – thanksgiving, SAT words, wedding...

2) Shape-A-Cross (or Word-search) – Make Custom (Turkey) Shaped Crosswords – Your kids will love it!
a. Load one of the pre-made shapes (apple, turkey) or make your own shape by clicking to darken, add, or remove squares from the crossword puzzle.
b. Then type in your word list & the software will automatically try to fit your words into the shape you made.

3) Type-A-Cross (or Word-search) – Manually type into a crossword grid (as if you were in MS Excel) so you can get it just like you want it. (Already made.)
a. You’ll have an empty crossword grid (which can be a shaped like a turkey since you can load the grid) in front of you where you can click on every cell and type in a letter. The cursor will automatically move to the next cell to make typing really easy. So type the words just where you want them and print it out.
b. Right click to have the software suggest some words that’ll fit in whatever space you have left.

4) Website with a lot of Pre-made Puzzles for Download, (No way to make puzzles included)
a. Pay to get in and choose from over 500 pre-made puzzles with themes like SAT words, Thanksgiving, Wedding words, etc. and shapes like pencils, squares, turkeys, and wedding cakes.

5) Wedding & Baby Shower Activity Maker - Pre-made means easy.
a. This would be Idea #1 – Puzzle Parade – with a lot of pre-made wedding wordlists and wedding shapes that you can load to make puzzles.

6) Don’t want crosswords, only want word-searches.
a. This would be combining idea #2(custom shapes) & #3 (MS excell grid) w/o crosswords & word suggestion. I could make this a lot faster since word-searches are MUCH easier to make than crosswords.

7) Sudoku Maker
a. Start with empty squares, type in a few numbers till you have the starting state you want. Then let the computer figure out what all the other #s are supposed to be and make a printable document for you.

8- Flash card maker only – Save lots of dictionary time/copy-paste time.
a. Type your word list and the computer automatically looks up definitions.
b. Print 8 cards to a page. Cut them out manually.
c. 100s of pre-made wordlists. SAT words, vocab grades 1-6… No foreign languages because that’s way too big.

9) Printable Cut-out & Glue Paper Dice
a. You know those things where you cut it out and glue together the tabs? No idea what you use it for, but you might want it. You’ll be able to type whatever you want onto the sides.

10) Website that drills multiplication tables. Uses a spaced-repetition-memory system – meaning the cards are scientifically spaced out so that you only see them when you are just about to forget them for the most learning with the least amount of effort.
a. Can also print out the math flashcards I suppose. Data is already there.

11) Mass-dictionary-lookup: Save Time. A tool to automatically look up definitions for you so you can paste that into some free tool or make a puzzle by hand.

12) Add-a-header: Make those free puzzles you find into a worksheet.
a. Small cheap easy-to-use utility to add the “Name: _________ Date:_________” lines (or whatever you want) to the top of any puzzle or worksheet you got from somewhere else. Input format must be .jpg, .png, .pdf, or .docx.

And now I must ask 'Which one of these would you buy?' because if I ask 'which one would you like' or 'which one seems the most useful' the responses will be wrong and my business will be a flop.

So - Which one of these would you actually buy? If you like several say which one is #1. Otherwise post your own ideas or say what's wrong with mine.
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