Pre-schooling in Spain - From a newbie

If you are homeschooling outside the US, or doing a lot of moving between military bases, share your stories, questions, and tips here!

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Pre-schooling in Spain - From a newbie

Postby magdalena » Wed Mar 05, 2008 11:19 am


I thought I'd introduce myself and write a little bit about our family in the hope to meet fellow homeschoolers in Spain.

My name is Julia. We’re an English-German family, who’ve been living in Spain on the Costa Blanca since 2006. Our children are still very young – DD is 2 years 8 months and DS is 9 ½ months – but as homeschooling is still in its infancy and not covered by the law in Spain, I decided to start becoming active early to make sure by the time our children reach school age we know what’s what and are (hopefully) part of a homeschooling network by then.

I first started thinking about homeschooling when I was pregnant with DD. I’ve always been very keen on the whole AP approach to parenting and obviously homeschooling fits into that ethos perfectly. I temporarily gave up on this idea when we moved to Spain a couple of years ago, as it isn’t fully legal here and as a result the homeschooling network isn’t very large. Besides the resources that are available are only in Spanish and at the time of our moving my Spanish was pretty much non-existent. Since then I’ve started looking into schooling in our area and realised that none of the options are ideal for us. There are some alternative schools around – a Waldorf school and a couple of Free Schools (which are similar to Summerhill in England), but none of them were in our neighbourhood. So back we came to the possibility of homeschooling. I looked into it some more and both DH and I decided that it was the right choice for us.

I’ve only now started to actively join homeschooling forums and groups (as opposed to just lurking) and have also applied for membership of A.L.E., which is the Spanish homeschooling association. I’m also in the process of setting up a group for English-speaking homeschoolers in Spain, as I’d really like to meet up with some other expats who are in the same boat as me (i.e. foreigner homeschooling in Spain).

As for our homeschooling philosophy, we’re basically unschoolers but I’m currently looking into Waldorf homeschooling resources for inspiration as I think DD would enjoy some of the themes (storytelling, crafts, verses, songs, movements and celebrating festivals).

OK, that’s it. Sorry for the long post. :)
Julia, unschooling mum to Gemma (6/05) and Benny (5/07)

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Postby Mark » Sat Mar 08, 2008 12:58 pm

welcome to the forum. :)

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