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Postby milehimom » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:03 am

Anyone have a good explanation as to the usage of good and well. Why is it not correct to say I'm feeling good. Is it one of those 'just because' things, or is there a reason that has to do with whether it's a noun or adjective or adverb, or whatever. I'm new to teaching grammar and it's not my strong point!
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Postby 4given » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:48 am

What a GOOD question!

When I was a kid, a teacher told me only to use "good" when describing food. Well, that appears to be WRONG.

Here's my opinion...both words may be used as adjectives so that's not the problem. I think the problem arises when we try to use good in place of well when well is an adverb. Good is never an adverb to my knowledge.

Examples: The work is going well.(correct)
The work is going good.(incorrect)

Stir up the soup well.
Stir up the soup good.

I don't know if that's it or not. That's just one thing I've noticed. Maybe someone else will be able to shed some light.

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Postby Lily » Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:52 am

You do well, but something is good, to put it simply.

You might like the book Eats, Shoots, and Leaves. It's a humourous look at everyday grammar.
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Postby Theodore » Mon Feb 11, 2008 12:23 pm

Good is an adjective, and describes nouns or prounouns. It may be used with certain linking verbs to describe the subject.

That was GOOD FOOD you prepared.
The WORK is looking GOOD.

Well is an adverb, and generally answers the question "how?"

The food WAS COOKED WELL. (how was it cooked?)
I do not FEEL WELL. (how do you feel?)

Honestly, grammar wasn't my strong suit, but I know which one sounds right in a sentence, since I've read so many books.

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Postby 4given » Mon Feb 11, 2008 1:41 pm

I think learning what sounds right is the key.

Well can be used as an adjective as in the following:

She is well again after the measles.
Things are well with us.

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Postby Mathmom » Mon Feb 11, 2008 3:39 pm

Here's a link that explains it to students who are learning English: ... ar/d07.htm

Sometimes it is good to discuss why words are used the way they are.
There's a link to more words that are questioned, at this webpage.

Also, I agree with Theodore, that reading helps you learn grammar correctly. That's one reason I love homeschooling.

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