High school extracurriculars, the homeschool way

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High school extracurriculars, the homeschool way

Postby la193841 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 8:31 pm

We're homeschooling through high school-- and being a product of public high school myself, there are some things that I want my kids to experience that are really hard to do at home alone.

These aren't meant to be advertisements below, but if any of these things are in your community or you are willing to start them in your neck of the woods, then consider these announcements for you. It would have made my life easier if someone had told me about these sorts of programs and opportunities earlier without my having to find out about them through trial and error. The only way there will be more of these types of things available is if we get to work on them and make them available to each other in our communities through hard work and commitment.

Does anyone have any other ideas or links? If our moderator allows, I look forward to hearing what other folks have found.

1. Honor society-- the National Honor Society won't admit homeschoolers, but a home school honor society exists if you're willing to get one going in your community. Check out esa.homeeducationpartnership.com for Eta Sigma Alpha Honor Society.

2. Yearbook staff--are you part of a homeschool group? Take your own pictures and allow your kids to put together a 'yearbook." It's been done by many, and here are some ideas: http://www.squidoo.com/homeschoolyearbook and http://www.home-school.com/Articles/phs ... yoder.html

3. Literary journal-- I wrote for my high school literary journal. This homeschool group has put together a literary journal. see www.narrowroadpublishing.com

4. Sports--this is a tough one. Unless you live in the Carolinas (which I don't), you may have to start your own. But see what they've done at http://www.homeschoolfootballleague.com/ Where we are, the local public schools will allow homeschoolers to participate in sports if they attend the public school part-time, which may mean 2 classes. Ask private schools if you can sign your homeschooler up. We have a local private school that allows home schoolers into basketball and volleyball without being enrolled as students.

5. Choir-- see if there is a group near you like these: http://www.cantareyouthchoirs.com/ or www.ochoristers.org
Plenty of these community youth choirs exist.

6. Band-- Did you know that 4-H has a band? This one in Indiana even has a 3-day band workshop for members: http://www.four-h.purdue.edu/workshops/ ... roj_key=91

7. Class rings, graduation announcements, etc.-- no problem. We'll probably get class rings through Josten's, but they are not the only maker of home school class rings and things.

8. Prom -- yep, homeschoolers are simulating proms. Check out what one group of home schoolers in Texas put together at http://www.christianhomeschoolprom.org/ And Ann Zeise's site sums up several at http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/articles/102303.htm

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