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More ADHD/ADD education

Postby Mathmom » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:13 am

I'm sure if we all knew more about how what is in the food we eat affects us, we would be less willing to go along with the whole idea of these diagnoses of ADHD and ADD, and more willing to take charge of our own health.
I hope this information will help someone who feels like they don't have any answers to helping their child or someone else.
Here's the link for someone I found on a h-s site:

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Postby Elei » Tue Dec 11, 2007 12:06 pm

Hi to you all,

I've been reading this post for a while and wondering if I should answer or not.
My son has an ADHD diagnosis and yes this diagnosis really exists. His father has it too. And no, the real ADHD doesn't have anything to do with food.

This doesn't mean that some children with food allergies get the WRONG ADHD diagnosis. But then this child doesn't have ADHD but another problem

My son doesn't drink any soft drinks, he just doesn't like the bubbles. He doesn't like sweets and had yoghurt with no sugar until he was three. We bake our own bread and make our own marmalades from the fruittrees of my parents in law. We grow most of our own vegatables and my husband is a creative ADHD cook. We eat homemade pizzas, pies and cookies.

So please, ADHD is not a food problem.
Of the link before I do recomend the "born to explore" website. I read it completely and I really liked it.

My son doesn't take any drugs for the moment. But I don't know if I will have to change that one day. It is not easy to live with ADHD. For the moment we have started homeschooling because school asked to drug him.

I do recommend some books of Thom Hartmann, I like his vision on the problem. Just the way it is. It is not easy, but it is not a desease, it's a way of being, hunters they are. I think he's right.


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Postby Mathmom » Tue Dec 11, 2007 5:34 pm

I'm sure the person, Batwing, who started this topic about ADHD will appreciate that you posted.
I'm glad you looked at the links I posted. It's impossible to post the articles themselves, or to summarize them(not easy to do, I'm finding out), and I'm not really qualified to comment on them too much,
so,I'll just keep posting links when I find them, if they look useful.
Take care.

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Postby StellarStory » Tue Dec 11, 2007 10:51 pm

I'm glad you posted too Elei.

It's good to get all different opinions and experiences.

I was told both my kids were ADD at different times. The school tested my son for it AFTER I told them not to! He did not test out as being distractable enough to qualify!

My daughter's therapist told me to get several books on the subject. I did. Do you know what I found out? I found out that anyone I knew well enough to evaluate had symptoms of ADD. I found it incomprehensible that EVERYONE I know well enough to evaluate according to the symptoms could have it.

I also found some very specific ways that my daughter didn't fit the profile. So my conclusion was that she is not ADD and that this is waaaaaay over diagnosed.

While I understand a very few people do have a serious problem that can be helped by drugs. I think this is way over diagnosed and way over prescribe and that in fact, we are becoming a nation of legal drug addicts.

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Postby MrBill » Fri Jan 18, 2008 7:21 am

StellarStory wrote:My daughter's therapist told me to get several books on the subject. I did. Do you know what I found out? I found out that anyone I knew well enough to evaluate had symptoms of ADD. I found it incomprehensible that EVERYONE I know well enough to evaluate according to the symptoms could have it.

Thats right. If you check the traits of gifted and talented students guess what you will find? They match ADD traits almost to the letter!

The public schools have this thing, they say your kid is G&T, then when the kid is bored mindless of normal classes, they say "They need Ritalin".
I thought I was just paranoid, then while doing research my mouth dropped, there were just so many children that died from Ritalin,
Adderall, or some other similar methamphetmine derivative.

Case after case, it was the same formula "kid is gifted, kid needs drugs, kid is dead".

People have asked why would they do this?
Well public schools get extra funding for every "special needs" child in their district. Pure greed.

Now for natural cures, its good to be skeptical but its worth researching.
Our modern diets are total garbage, and there are important amino acids and minerals we simply will not find in any of the food we bring home from the grocery.

Got acid reflux? Well you can gain 100 pounds or maybe just have a stroke on Vioxx, or you can have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar a day.

That stuff is also great as soon as you feel a sore throat coming on, gargle with a bit of honey and warm water and the
yeasties that are growing on your throat get zinged away!

Olive oil is great for you. Problem, the stuff in the supermarket is
processed to the point it has zero value.

Well I'm preaching homeopathy, and I'm no expert, so look into your
options before they feed you or your children pharmaceuticals.

An interesting story on History Channels series "Illegal Drugs and How they got that way", told how Hitler, and his SS troops were driven by methamphetmines.
By the 70's there was over 26 listed uses for the drug, your tired? your want to lose weight? your too energetic? your bored?
you name it...they prescribed meth.
Thats what the rolling stones "Mothers little helper" was about.

Jimmy Carter was going to legalize cannabis, his head of drug policy got exposed for doing cocaine, so to make himself look tough he had to fight something.
His guy said "well 8 million americans are addicted to meth", over the counter, and prescribed meth, not a street drug at the time.
Carter made it illegal, and now what do we have, 8 million children on Ritalin, ie, meth, and houses blowing up from its illegal manufacture.

People who are told their child needs Ritalin should try physical activity like karate and swimming first. Get those kids extra energy worked out.
And watch the high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweetener intake, those are in everything.

Oh one more detail, I've personally known two adults who were prescribed Ritalin as children.
I'd never heard of the stuff before meeting these people.
One was a crack head alcholic. The other was a alcoholic cocaine fiend and sexual predator.

They gave me great first impression of Ritalin for sure.
Both admitted to crushing and snorting the tablets with friends before they even reached their teens.

Ok thats enough of my second post ranting about Ritalin.

Good luck to you folks who are in this situation!
Hope I didn't just give ya'll a stroke.

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