Homeschoolers, I ENCOURAGE you to keep up the good work.

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Homeschoolers, I ENCOURAGE you to keep up the good work.

Postby Grizz.. » Mon Aug 20, 2007 10:03 am

Hi All,

I have posted this up on a different topic here at Homeschool World, but it also goes for this topic board. Homeschool vs Public School. So without any further adue:

To The Parents:

First off: I would like to address the fact that the Governerment does NOT , I repeat, Does NOT own our Children, Our Children belongs to God.

Second off: I would like to address the fact that bringing the government into the homes of home schoolers will only give the Government the crazy idea that they have the RIGHT to tell you what to do WITH your children.

Did you know the real reason why So Many books are piled on Students today, It was not because of the Government wanting the students to learn, It was because the Government saw the in Japan the students were doing more studies and they were more smarter then the students in America. And the U.S.A. Government did not like that at all. Look it up if you don't believe me.

Third off:I want to share this serious issue with you showing how Our President is and Pennsylvania Governeor.

I wrote the President and the Governor of Pennsylvania USA asking them to help me in my serious situation, with the neighbors that even when been told not to, they still trash the neighborhood up with garbage and the City ( Mayors office and Garage) in which I live will Not stop them.instead they help them with lumber to add on to their house.. The President Never replied back... and Someone at the Governnor Rendell's office had told me thorugh Email that they could not do anything about it,.... Yes,everybody, I am getting some where with this:

If President George W.Bush and Governor Rendell will NOT be as they said they would be, in the beginning of their elections....( Honest and Do ALL they Can! to Help the People!) Then I ask you: HOW can you Trust them in your own Homes??

You see, 'They want the cake, but the do NOT want to help clean the kitchen.' This is proven fact from people World Wide. Look that up too.

Do you get what I'm saying here??

If a Home Schooler desides to put their children/child in a privite school,it Should NOT be $500.00 per child monthly, due to many parents can not afford it... It should be $100.00 - pre child per month, considering the fact that the books do not come cheep either. and Parents should remain faithful with this as well, Find a good reasonable building for rent. Get the Word out and get a Principle and Teachers that has Just come out of Training. WORK TOGETHER.

Also: Grants from Christians that are Wealthy... I'm sure if they are truely Godly People,they wouldn't mind sharing at least 2 thousand per child for a year. God says to help people, not be greedy.

When I heard a lady at a school say, ' 700 dollars per child per uniforms and book money. I said, ' Good Bye.' And this was a Christian School.

Adding a bit on to my article below to find out where just follow the lines >> - -

To The Students: APPRECIATE your parents/Guardian More for what they are doing for you, Reguarless of what some might think:Your Parents are putting you first, They LOVE you. They want you to have a GOOD EDUCATION - and that is why they stick beside you asking you questions about your home work and personal life. If they did not love you enough, you would more likely be in a Public School. Your Parents/Gardian are working with you so you can one day say: I DID IT ! and your Parents/Guardians can stand there with Tears of JOY in their eyes, a Homeschool Education is to my opinion a BETTER Education then Government Education. Homeschooling had good standards and The Much Better Morals .. I want you to know Students: Speaking of Jobs here: A Good Job with good pay is a nice thing to have, BUT Good Morals should Always come before Money .-

Please do a google search on: and the website on my profile. Thank you and have a nice day.

God Bless all in God.
LOVE MANY,Trust FEW, Let God be the CAPTIAN in your canue. :)

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