TT Pre-algebra/IEW level B/Sonlight core E/BJU all grades

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TT Pre-algebra/IEW level B/Sonlight core E/BJU all grades

Postby freeindeed » Fri May 20, 2011 7:07 pm

Teaching Textbook Pre - ALgebra all cds and answer key with test
asking $85ppd

IEW B dvds with notebook $85ppd

Sonlight Core E books day 5 almost complete asking $300ppd
all new books except 2
missing are
The World Wars
Timeline Figures - 4
Gone Away Lake
From the Mixed up files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweller
Core E Instructor's Guide: Introduction to American History, Part 2

BJU ( feel free to make an offer if you think my prices are not reasonable, would like them gone)
Bob Jones
1st grade Bob Jones
Heritage Studies 1 #093021 $ 14ppd new ( have 2)
Science Test new #110155 $11ppd

2nd grade
Science 2 Teachers edition # 195057 $ 18ppd

3rd grade
Bob Jones Science 3 Text #222174 new $12ppd
Bob Jones Science 3 Student Text #195073 Hardcover $12ppd
Bob Jones Reading – Once Upon an Open Book 3A/3B student $23ppd #120774, #120766 2nd edition
The Case of the Dognapped Cat guide only $6ppd

4rth grade
Bible truths 4 TM like new $25ppd
Reading 4 Student Text # 260463 $25ppd
Math TM #102681$20ppd new
Heritage Studies 4 TM new #121798 $20ppd
Booklink guides $12ppd both
Sheriff at Waterstop Booklink Guide
Booklink Medallion Guide
Set for $45
Music 4 workbook (have 3 for $10 each)
Music 4 Teachers edition
Music 4 cassette help A/B

5Th grade
Spelling 5 Teacher's Edition $13ppd
Bible Truths Living in God’s Love TE $27ppd
Booklink Guides $12ppd both
(1) The Secret of the Golden Cowrie,
(2) Derwood, Inc., and

6th grade
Bible truths 6 test redemption God’s Grand Dessing #126169 $11ppd
#125666 $25ppd
Heritage TE this is the teachers with maps and activities #112342 $20 this is $47.50 new
Heritage Studies 6 worktext key #124883 $14
Bible Truths God’s Grand Design all new condition $57ppd
TE #126094
student workbook # 126086
test # 126169

set $45ppd retails for $61 without shipping
English 6 Teacher's Edition (2nd Edition)
English 6 Test Answer Key

Set $ 55ppd retail for $101.50 without shipping
Math 6 Home Teacher's Edition (2nd Edition)
Math 6 Flipchart
Math 6 Student Text (2nd Edition - hardcover)
Math 6 Test Answer Key
Math 6 Reviews Answer Key

Spelling 6 Home Teacher's Edition $25ppd

set $55ppd retails for $82 without postage
Heritage Studies 6 Home Teacher's Edition (2nd Edition)
Heritage Studies 6 Student Text (2nd Edition - softcover)
Heritage Studies 6 worktext key
Heritage Studies 6 Test Answer Key
Activities maps free with purchase of set

Set for $75ppd retails for $115.50 without postage
Science 6 Teacher's Edition (3rd Edition)
Science 6 Student Text (3rd Edition - softcover)
Science 6 Activity Manual Answer Key
Science 6 Test Answer Key

Reading set $120ppd retails for $181.00 without shipping
Reading 6 Teacher's Edition (2nd Edition - Parts 1 & 2)
Reading 6 As Full as the World
Reading 6 Flipchart
Reading 6 Teacher's Edition Worktext
Booklinks (only the guides and not the novels) -
A Father's Promise & Trouble at Silver Pines Inn

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