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FS-LOTS/Abeka/BJP/MCP/Saxon/Alpha Omega/most subjects

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:13 am    Post subject: FS-LOTS/Abeka/BJP/MCP/Saxon/Alpha Omega/most subjects Reply with quote

I have the following for sale. These are leftover books from our homeschooling group's used book sale. We have been selling our "left-overs" online now for 3 years and have donated over $1000 to 2 charities....HSLDA's widow fund and a local home for pregnant unwed moms. It has been a blessing to see our leftovers benefit those who so desperately need help and is a much better idea than just giving it away to the local goodwill where it might never be bought or used again! Message me if you are interested in anything. Thanks so much! Patricia


*CURRENT TE (I have 2) MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS-Phonics is Fun, Level 2-0813602181. Student books available online. $8ppd each. No writing.

*CURRENT TE MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS-Phonics is Fun, Level 3-08136029X. Student book available online. $8ppd. No writing.

*Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Works Workbook, book 12 on syllables. 2nd Grade, new. $4ppd

*A Teacher’s Guide To…Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney. 1929683197. In good condition. $5ppd


*A Beka Enchanted Isles Reader, Gr. 4 -- $5 ppd. Good. C1986/very nice reader for 4th grade students/great condition.

*Abeka Growing Up Where Jesus Lived, 55085, not current edition but still used, great condition/like new $5ppd

Abeka Better Bridges reader, 3rd, not current but still used, 20508, $5ppd

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, ISBN 0385474547, great condition, $5ppd

Georgia Odyssey by James C. Cobb, ISBN 0820319457, great condition, $8ppd

Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather, ISBN 0679728899, great condition, $6ppd

Walk the World’s Rim by Betty Baker, ISBN 1887840222, great condition, $5ppd

The Extraordinary Bubble & Other stories from Highlights, ISBN 0875346405, great condition, $4ppd

Animorphs; The Attack, ISBN 0875346405, great condition, $4ppd

A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest J. Gaines, ISBN 0679738908, great condition, $4ppd

*Bob Jones Press Reading 5 Set.
This set has 56/74 of the stories/lessons in it that the new reader has. Therefore the new worktext should be be useable for well over 2/3 the lessons. The older edition student worktext number is: 0890842957 in case you want to try and find it somewhere for sale. The set includes the following:
Reading 5 Student Text, good condition-no writing
Reading 5 Teacher Manual with lesson plans in very good condition (in original lg green binder)-no writing
Reading 5 TE to Worktext in very good condition-no writing
You could either use the new worktext or make the student worktext pages using the TE and a copier/white out.
SET ONLY-$15ppd

*Bob Jones 4 Reading set, older edition, available that includes the following:
Student Text-0890842647 in very good condition. This older edition text has 60/84 of the stories in the new edition reader. Therefore the new student worktext would be useful for over 2/3 of the material in the older reader.
TE to Worktext-0890842671
The older edition student worktext ISBN is: 0890842663 in case you might be able to find it for sale somewhere.
This is sold only as a set for $10ppd.

*Improving Reading Comprehension, grade 4, Steck-Vaughn ISBN 0817258027 brand new…$8ppd

*Heath Reading “Come Back Here, Crocodile” reader and workbook. Reader is in excellent condition, listed for 3rd grade. Workbook is ½ used but can be bought on the net for about $5. Both for $6ppd

*Heath Reading “Never a Worm This Long” reader. Reader is in excellent condition and workbook can be bought online. Listed for 3rd Grade, $6ppd

*The Reading Skills Discovery Series, Study Guide to Sarah, Plain and Tall by Common Sense Press-1880892642. Great condition, $6ppd

*Modern Curriculum Press Level K Student Worktext-0813601193. This book is not current but is still for sale on the MCP web site. There are 8 pages (sides) with writing out of 176 and the rest is like new. All flashcards are still attached in the back of the book and is $6ppd.

*Read Alouds, Plays, Poems and Choral Readings, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, ISBN 0021815003, $7ppd

Challenge Grade 5 Copying Masters-Harcourt Reading Distant Voyages, ISBN: 0153235292 Like new condition, $4ppd

BJP English 5 TE, ISBN 0890841691, not current but has a copy of student text in back with lesson plans in front. Great condition except metal inside has pulled from outside binder at top. $7ppd

BJP English 3 TE, ISBN 08909841659, not current but has a copy of student text in back with lesson plans in front. Beautiful condition. You could easily use this for 3rd grade English. $7ppd

Bob Jones Excursions in Literature, 0890845409, test answers for Excursions in Literature for Christian School 8th grade textbook, good condition, $6ppd

English Workshop Second Course by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, almost new condition with no writing in book and minimal wear of cover, 9th grade, $10ppd

*Ruth Beechick A Home Start in Reading, 0940319004, new condition, $4ppd


*Alpha Omega Horizons Spelling & Vocabulary 1 Teacher Handbook, 0740302140. Current in nearly new condition with no writing inside other than a name. Sells for $15.95 new. $9ppd. Have 2


Dabarlines Basic Bible Studies in Biblical backgrounds with syllabus Diakonos, Inc. 9th-12th Lewis 1989 ed pb set spiral bound, $8ppd

People of the Bible 24 book SET: The Bible through stories and pictures by Raintree Children’s Books. All books in great condition. Books cover Abraham/Adam/Jesus/David/John the Baptist/Jonah/Joseph and many more! The ISBN for the book The Birth of Jesus is 0817219773 if you want to google it and see what it looks like to give you an idea of the set. There are 24 books in this set and I will sell them ONLY as a set. $40ppd

The Bible Story 10 book set by Arthur S. Maxwell. These are the old, blue Bible story books that were printed in 1953 by the Review and Harold Publishing Association. Books have a clear dust jacket and most are in fair used condition. Some could use a little tlc on their bindings. The entire set is sold only-and it is a collectors item. You can google the title and date and come up with some sites that have pictures of these books (background is in blue) if you want to see what they are like before you purchase them. Set is $20ppd

Successful Youth Mentoring, A Step-by-Step Guide 24 Practical Sessions to Impact Kids’ Lives by Group, ISBN-0764421042, almost new with only 1 page that has marks, $8ppd

*Kids’ Life Application Bible, pb, 0842332944, good condition with no writing, $6ppd

Bible Learning Games Ages 2 & 3 by Mary Rose Pearson, new condition, RB36251, $4ppd


*Abeka 4 Developing Good Health Student Text in great condition. Nearly identical to current version. 18678. Writing, some highlighting but text is in great condition. $6ppd (will throw in for free a current tests/quizzes and worksheet book missing first 7 sheets)

*Abeka 7 A Healthier You, previous version but is identical to new version-15571 (I have both). This book has a little writing/highlighting inside. The outside is in near perfect condition. $7ppd

Abeka A Healthier You Test & Study Booklet Key, previous version but is identical to new version-15601-No writing/highlighting. Very good condition. $6ppd

Abeka Understanding God’s World 4 Tests and Quizzes Key, 60933, current edition, new condition, (sells for $9.15) $6ppd

Abeka 11 Chemistry Lab Manual, 55441, current, new condition, (sells for $20.70 new) $15ppd

Abeka A Science Project, 23221, not current but still used, like new except cover has a small crease, $4ppd

*Southwestern Handbook Science Annual 1997, good condition, $5ppd

Reader’s Digest Explorer Guides Up Close Exploring Nature with a Magnifying Glass, ISBN 1575844281, good condition, $4ppd

Investigating Earth; A Geology Laboratory Text by Wiswall & Fletcher III, 0697266737, good condition with all maps included, $10ppd

Abeka Health, Safety & Manners 2, 18597, older edition but since no consumables are used, it makes a great reader for 2nd grade. Good condition-what little writing inside has been erased. $4ppd

*Science Horizons Silver, Burdett & Ginn Inc,, ISBN 0382172558, 1991, 2nd, Hardcover 332 pages no writing, like new, $5ppd

Lifepac Gold Teacher’s Guide 200 Science, 1580957641, Contents include: Curriculum Overview grades 1 - 12, LIFEPAC Management pages with planners and student grading sheet forms, Teacher Notes, Alternate Tests with Keys, and Answer Keys, $5ppd

Abeka Enjoying Good Health 5, 18716, not current but very close to current version-could easily be used with current tests/quizzes/worksheets, good condition with some wear on cover but it has been laminated and binding is holding strong, very little writing inside $4ppd

Lifepac Gold Teacher’s Guide 200 Science, 0867172622,
Contents include: Curriculum Overview grades 1 - 12, LIFEPAC Management pages with planners and student grading sheet forms, Teacher Notes, Alternate Tests with Keys, and Answer Keys. $5ppd

Exploring Weather by Ed Catherall, ISBN 0811425967, great condition, hardback, $5ppd

Our Mysterious Ocean by Peter Riley, ISBN 0575840588, great condition hadback, $5ppd


Abeka Homeschool Arithmetic 3 Curriculum/Lesson Plans, 75507, current edition, like-new condition, (sells for $30 new) $20ppd.

Abeka Arithmetic 3 Teacher Key to Worktext, 54798, current edition, nearly new condition (name on inside front page), (sells for $21.95 new) $15ppd

Miquon Math Lab Materials, Key Curriculum Press
*Current Notes To Teachers, 0913684627, good condition inside and out. $3ppd
*Lab Sheet Annotations & Mathematics for the Primary Teacher, 0913684643, new condition, $8ppd
*The Yellow Book, Gr. 3 Current-0913684546-with about 6 pages with pencil writing/$3ppd

*Saxon Middle Grade Basic Facts for Math 54, Math 65, Math 76 and Math 87-2 sets still in book. These are flashcards for multiplication/division & addition/subtraction. Full set is $6ppd.

*Silver Burdett Mathematics Manipulative Activities 3, 0382018559. $4ppd

*Harcourt Brace Math Advantage Practice workbook for grade 4. A few pages have been completed, but nearly all are not. Practice for addition, subtraction, time, schedules, money, fractions, data, probability, multiplication, division, decimals and more. $3.50ppd

*Astro Algebra CD & User’s guide. Windows 95, 3.1 and Mac users. 1997 version. $10ppd

*Computational Skills Tutorial by Houghton Mifflin math Steps Levels 3-7 Teacher Manual, ISBN 0395983916, $4ppd

Bob Jones Math 4 Tests Answer Key, ISBN 1579249663, current and still in shrink-wrap, $4ppd

Saxon 54 Homeschool Packet (answers) 1565770676 in great condition with no writing. $4ppd

*Comprehensive Math Assessment 4 Key Math Strands, 1569368775, Grade 4, new-no writing, $4ppd

Saxon math 87 gr. 7, student textbook, ISBN 0939798549, fair condition with little writing and some folded corners on pages, $8ppd


*The Golden Book of The American Revolution, Grade 5 & up, pb, nice book, $4ppd

Bob Jones Geography Map Excercises Answer Key, 9th Grade, item # 12898, Current-new condition, $4ppd


2 books: 500 Questions and Answers by Grandreams Limited, 1858300207 and My First Book of Questions and Answers by Philip Steele, 0603551300 both are hardback and in great condition….$8ppd

Scholastic Success with Brain Play 1st-3rd Grade, ISBN 0439823617, like new book, great for summer revieW! $4ppd

*Trading Spaces Behind the Scenes including decorating tips and tricks, isbn-069621712-0, like new condition, $10ppd (new $19.95)

*Two-Legged, Four-Legged, No-Legged Rhymes by J. Patrick Lewis, new/gift condition, $4ppd

*The Runner by Jane And Paul Annixter, copyright 1956, good condition hard back reading book for late elementary/early middle school, $3ppd

Illustrated Classic Editions Thrillers: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, pb, great condition, $4ppd

Illustrated Classic Editions Thrillers: The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, pb, great condition, $4ppd

The Children’s Book of Virtues by William J. Bennett, ISBN 068481353X, $5ppd

*Why You Can’t Stay Silent: A Biblical Mandate to Shape Our Culture by Tom Minnery-Focus on the Family-nearly new conditon, $5ppd

Granny Hans Breakfast/Overseas Missionary Fellowship, ISBN 9971972336, new, $4ppd

Living with the End in Sight; Meditations on the Book of Revelation, ISBN 0586400010, great condition, $4ppd

Fatal Defect, A Genetic Thriller by Jefferson Scott, ISBN 1576734528, great condtion, $5ppd

Galileo’s Daughter by Dava Sobell, ISBN 0140280553, new condition, $4ppd

The American Adventure, Queen Anne’s War, ISBN 1577481461, great condition, $4ppd

Fun Facts About the American Adventure compiled by Bruse & Becky Duroset Fish, ISBN 1577480589, great condition, $5ppd

Scott Foresman In Your Wildest Dreams; Imagination at Work, ISBN 0673821005, new, $4ppd

The American Adventure, Fire by Night, ISBN 1577480740, great condition, $4ppd

Franklin Delano Roosevelt by Russell Freedman, ISBN 0395629780, pb-new condition, $5ppd

Edge of Eternity-A Novel by Randy Alcorn, ISBN 1578560853, hb-new condition, $6ppd

Solar Flare-A Novel by Larry Burkett, ISBN 1881273075, hb-new, $6ppd

The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne, ISBN 0440437954, pb-good condition with minor wear to cover, $4ppd

The Visitation by Frank Peretti, ISBN 0849911796, hb-new condition, $6ppd

The Oath by Frank Peretti, ISBN 0849911788, good condition, $6ppd

Gideon’s Torch-A Novel by Charles Colson and Ellen Vaughn, ISBN 084991146x, hb-great condition, $6ppd

My Responsibilities chart (health/manners/play/schoolwork/jobs) wipe off w/marker and Looney Tunes Characters, new & in plastic wrap, $4ppd


*One Day Easter Crafts Quick and Easy Crafts by Publications International, Ltd, ISBN 078530634X, $4ppd

*Reader’s Digest Crafts & Hobbies-A Step-by-Step buide to Creative Skills, huge-practical book on lots of crafts and hobbies, ISBN 0895770636, $15ppd

Italic Handwriting Seriew by Getty & Dubay, 3rd Edition Instruction Manual, great condition, $6ppd

Trash to Treasure; The Year's Best Creative Crafts, ISBN 1574861522, new, $5ppd

Abeka Arts & Crafts with Amber Lamb-Preschool, 45276004, new, $5ppd


*The Magical Years, The Bowdoin Method at Home by Ruth Bowdoin. Hardback book, beautiful book inside and out. New, $8ppd.

*Better Test-Taking Skills in 5 Minutes a Day-0761524290. Nice book filled with helpful information. $5ppd

*SAT prep, book 6, SRA/McGraw-Hill Scoring High on the Stanford Achievement Test, Grade 6, $5ppd

*Faithful Parents, Faithful Kids, Greg Johnson & Mike Yorkey with foreword by John Trent, PH.D. $5ppd

*Home Style Teaching, Raymond & Dorothy Moore. Good condition. $5ppd


*Everything for Early Learning, Grades 1-2, Landoll’s. Covers reading, writing, mathematics, language skills. $8ppd


Abeka French 1B #38849 Like new condition, $7ppd

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