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FS-LOTS/Abeka/BJP/MCP/Saxon/Alpha Omega/most subjects

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I have the following for sale. These are leftover books from our homeschooling group's used book sale. We have been selling our "left-overs" online now for 3 years and have donated over $1000 to 2 charities....HSLDA's widow fund and a local home for pregnant unwed moms. It has been a blessing to see our leftovers benefit those who so desperately need help and is a much better idea than just giving it away to the local goodwill where it might never be bought or used again! Message me if you are interested in anything. Thanks so much! Patricia


*CURRENT TE (I have 2) MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS-Phonics is Fun, Level 2-0813602181. Student books available online. $8ppd each. No writing.

*CURRENT TE MODERN CURRICULUM PRESS-Phonics is Fun, Level 3-08136029X. Student book available online. $8ppd. No writing.

*Modern Curriculum Press Phonics Works Workbook, book 12 on syllables. 2nd Grade, new. $4ppd

*A Teacher’s Guide To…Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney. 1929683197. In good condition. $5ppd


*A Beka Enchanted Isles Reader, Gr. 4 -- $5 ppd. Good. C1986/very nice reader for 4th grade students/great condition.

*Abeka Growing Up Where Jesus Lived, 55085, not current edition but still used, great condition/like new $5ppd

Abeka Better Bridges reader, 3rd, not current but still used, 20508, $5ppd

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, ISBN 0385474547, great condition, $5ppd

Georgia Odyssey by James C. Cobb, ISBN 0820319457, great condition, $8ppd

Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather, ISBN 0679728899, great condition, $6ppd

Walk the World’s Rim by Betty Baker, ISBN 1887840222, great condition, $5ppd

The Extraordinary Bubble & Other stories from Highlights, ISBN 0875346405, great condition, $4ppd

Animorphs; The Attack, ISBN 0875346405, great condition, $4ppd

A Gathering of Old Men by Ernest J. Gaines, ISBN 0679738908, great condition, $4ppd

*Bob Jones Press Reading 5 Set.
This set has 56/74 of the stories/lessons in it that the new reader has. Therefore the new worktext should be be useable for well over 2/3 the lessons. The older edition student worktext number is: 0890842957 in case you want to try and find it somewhere for sale. The set includes the following:
Reading 5 Student Text, good condition-no writing
Reading 5 Teacher Manual with lesson plans in very good condition (in original lg green binder)-no writing
Reading 5 TE to Worktext in very good condition-no writing
You could either use the new worktext or make the student worktext pages using the TE and a copier/white out.
SET ONLY-$15ppd

*Bob Jones 4 Reading set, older edition, available that includes the following:
Student Text-0890842647 in very good condition. This older edition text has 60/84 of the stories in the new edition reader. Therefore the new student worktext would be useful for over 2/3 of the material in the older reader.
TE to Worktext-0890842671
The older edition student worktext ISBN is: 0890842663 in case you might be able to find it for sale somewhere.
This is sold only as a set for $10ppd.

*Improving Reading Comprehension, grade 4, Steck-Vaughn ISBN 0817258027 brand new…$8ppd

*Heath Reading “Come Back Here, Crocodileâ€
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