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Smartkiddies Mathematics

Postby kkapfe » Wed May 23, 2007 3:41 pm

I came across this website on one of my yahoo homeschool groups. It looks FANTASTIC. It's free and it has what looks like a complete math curriculum for grades 1-6 including quizzes, end of the year tests, printable worksheets, and timed drill. There's no reporting on it (you don't log in or anything) but that could be achieved by printing out the work they do.

Has anyone used this before?? I love that it's free! I've been through so many homeschool math programs this past year. I would hate to waste money on another one. Through it all, we've learned that we HATE manipulatives, like individual worksheets instead of a large math book, and love doing things online.

Any thoughts on this program?

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