Tell us about your KIDS!

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Tell us about your KIDS!

Postby GeekyMom » Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:39 am

I'll start:

Gabby: 13 years old, tall and almost lanky. A brown cutie with a touch of acne. (Proactive didn't work.) -LOL. Seeing a derm now. She wants to be an actress and go to a School of the Arts for HS then to UCLA. An honor student (with a lil supervision from Mom w/homework), she loves her ipod and Nintendo lite. She's outgoing at times, but reserved otherwise, feels more comfortable with old friends as opposed to new friends. Tries too hard to fit in at times and I'm counseling her with that. (Returning to Christian school 8th grade in the fall)

Elliott: 8 years old. The easiest of all of my babies, he was a premmie. Sweet as sugar but gets caught up easily and distracted and led. Struggling in 3rd grade with the workload in Abeka in school. First year of not making honor roll, oh well. He is addicted to the Playstation 2 and computer games. I'm hoping SOS will work! Fun loving and will have a good time running and horsing around. He says he's the class clown. Hmmm. :P: (Will homeschool 4th grade at the end of the school year)

Bethany: 7 years old. A sweetie that kinda reminds you of a grandma in a young body, hahaha. She's the academic one, loves to learn and has plenty of questions. She has my name "Mellanese" as one of her middle names the other is "Grace" because she was by His grace after losing our son. She's introverted at school and church and this bothers me because I think she gets left out when she sits along the sideline instead of jumping in. I'm talking to her about taking initative. (Will homeschool 3rd grade at the end of the school year).

Rachel: 4 years old. A power to be reckonned with! A whirlwind of energy and determination. A sweetie too, but with a lil attitude. A dancer, can sit in time out and create a game while she's doing it. Ironically, her personality is most like mines (plus some) when I was a kid, and she's adopted. I tease Daddy and say that she is the family wild card as she could surprise us, or not. (Entering Kindergarten in Christian school in fall).
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