Been homeschooling for three months now.

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Been homeschooling for three months now.

Postby lorelei » Thu Apr 05, 2007 10:30 am

I posted a few times a while back. I started homeschooling our 5 year old on January 2 and we've hit the three month mark. It's amazing to see the things he's learned in this short amount of time. He can already read sentences, he's learned his alphabet in French and has also learned to count to 20 in French. It takes us somewhere between one hour and 2 1/2 hours to do school depending on what we are covering that day. I let him get up whenever he wakes up but he never sleeps past 9am. We go downstairs to our school room and we do phonices, writing, numbers..then based on the day and what not we have a science book (God's World), social studies (community helper's) and we have an art book and do projects relevant to the time of the year/holidays etc. I also try to implement things throughout the day that go along with our studies. We've been working on God's Plan for Seeds in our science book and we are going to be planting a garden within the next two weeks. I also have a 2 year old and he is picking up on SO much just listening to us going through school things with Hunter. He can count to 12 and he can also say most of the alphabet in French as well as the entire thing in English. He also can count in French a little.

Just wanted to share how things were going for us. Hope you are all doing well!
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Postby mdsmomct » Thu Apr 05, 2007 11:37 am

Way to go Mom! It sounds like both your dc's are flourishing. :D Keep up the good work.

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Postby 4given » Thu Apr 05, 2007 8:30 pm


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