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FS: Living Science / Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction

Postby sunshine26 » Fri Feb 23, 2007 8:24 am

Items from a non-smoking, no pet home.

*TERMS of SALE - See below*


SCIENCE – LIVING BOOKS – Postage Extra/Media Mail

Books are in *VERY GOOD – LIKE NEW* condition.

HC = Hardcover / SC = Soft Cover

Grow a Giant Beanstalk by Sandra Markle – SC
--Amazing plant projects/Scholastic

Backyard Science Experiments by Q.L. Pearce – SC

How to Do Successful Science Experiments by Norman F. Smith – SC
--Revised Edition

100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects by Glen Vecchione – SC
--(cover has wear, pages are clean and bright)

Mad Science Series – Clue Me In! - SC
--The Detective Work of Ethan Flask and Professor von Offel/Scholastic

Fingerprints and Talking Bones by Charlotte Foltz Jones – SC
--How Real-Life Crimes are Solved/A Yearling Book

The Usborne Book of Secret Codes – SC
--Discover ways of sending top secret messages that will leave snoopers completely baffled. Many of the codes are based on those used by real spies. There are nifty gadgets to make and lots of hints on how to keep your enemy stumped. As you learn new codes, you can follow a thrilling story involving undercover agents and secret code experts.

The Incredible Science Puzzle Challenge by Helene Hovanec - SC
--The diabolical Dr. Frick is just hours away from unleashing a huge mob of deadly robots. These evil machines are part of Dr. Frick’s plot to take over the planet, and are set to destroy everything in their path! But all may not be lost! After all, you are here. Only by completing the puzzles in this book can you uncover the password. But hurry and get started, there’s no time to waste.

Five Brave Explorers by Wade Hudson - SC
--Great Black Heroes – Hello Readers – Level 4/Grades 2 & 3/Scholastic

Rocks & Minerals by Edward R. Ricciuti – SC
--Scholastic Science Readers – Level 3/Ages 7&8

Sea of Ice – The Wreck of the Endurance by Monic Kulling – SC
--Step into Reading – Level 4

Everest – Reaching for the Sky by Joy Masoff – SC
--Scholastic History Readers – Level 3/Ages 7&8

Plenty of Penguins by Sonia W. Black – SC
--Hello Reader – Level 1 – Scholastic

The Little Guides - Whales, Dolphins & Porpoises – SC
--Guide to Species, Where to See Whales, Lavishly Illustrated
$4.75 (retail $14.95)

Baby Whale’s Journey by Jonathan London – SC

WHALES by Seymour Simon – SC

Terrifying Shark Tales by Scott Ingram – SC

Coral Reef – Eye to Eye Books – Glossy SC spiral bound
--*Includes 24 Stereographic Cards and 3-D Viewer*
$3.75 (retail $11.99)

Amazing Buildings by Kaye Hayden – SC
--DK Readers – Level 2
$1.50 (has creasing on front and back cover/text is exc.)

Animal Hospital by Judith Walker-Hodge – SC
--Eyewitness Readers – Level 2/Grades 1-3

Kittens – SC
--Science Facts and Fun Art Projects that Teach About Kittens/Barrons

Getting to Know Nature’s Children – Both are HC
--Penguins & Elephants/Scholastic
--Chipmunks & Beavers/Scholastic

Dogs Working for People – Books for Young Explorers – HC
--National Geographic Society

Animal Dads by Sneed B. Collard III - SC

A Pinky is a Baby Mouse and Other Baby Animal Names by Pam Munoz Ryan – SC

Welcome to the Ice House by Jane Yolen – SC
--Story of the animals of the Arctic

It’s an Ant’s Life – My Story of Life in the Nest – SC

Spiders Spin Webs by Yvonne Winer – SC

--Information and vivid illustrations of how animals within a species settle their differences over territory, food, mates, and the leadership of their group.
20 featured animals.

--Creatures that are born or have to grow up in circumstances that make survival precarious.
21 featured animals

--Animals blending into their environments either to avoid predators or, in the case of predators, to stalk their prey.
20 featured animals

--The many different ways animals draw attention to themselves to attract a mate or to warn off predators.
20 featured animals

--The early life of animals.
21 featured animals

SAFARI by Robert Bateman – Glossy SC
--Artist and naturalist Robert Bateman guides you with his splendid paintings and real-life stories of meeting animals in the wild plus a whole host of fascinating facts about these amazing creatures.

--The Electric Field Trip – SC

--Inside a Hurricane – HC with Dust Jacket
$5.00 (Retail $14.95)

--Explores the Senses – HC with Dust Jacket
$5.00 (Retail $15.95)

Why Does It Fly? – A Just Ask Book – HC
--Weekly Reader Book (cover has wear/pages clean and bright)

EUREKA! – It’s an Airplane! By Jeanne Bendick – SC
--The development of the airplane and some of the inventions that made it a more common means of transportation/Houghton Mifflin Co.

The Fantastic Cutaway Book of FLIGHT by John Richards – SC
--Cross-section illustrations reveal the complex technology of 747s,
helicopters, supersonic jets, and other vehicles of flight.

Stars by Jennifer Dussling – SC
--All Aboard Reading/Level 1 – Preschool-Grade 1
(cover has scratching/pages clean and bright/one page has corner turned)

Seeing Stars by James Muirden – SC
--Unlock the spectacular secrets of the Night Sky/Scholastic

Black Holes and other space phenomena – SC
--Young Observer Bk./Scholastic

Mysteries of the Universe by Nigel Hawkes – SC
--Its starry secrets explored in the light of recent scientific discoveries.
Early Discoveries, The Solar System, The Stars and Galaxies, Exploring the Universe, The Future of the Universe, and Unsolved Mysteries.

Solar System – Gold Books – SC

Exploring Space – Pathfinders in Exploration – HC
--X-library in very good condition

Space Station Science – Life in Free Fall by Marianne J. Dyson – HC with Dust Jacket
--Gathering information from astronauts and other scientists, Dyson takes readers through crew training and launch; covers physical necessities and hazards describes the kinds of tasks and research that can be performed on a space station; then brings astronauts back to Earth for a study of the effects of an extended stay off-planet. Artfully mixing big questions ("If people stayed in space, would they end up as blobs?") with well-chosen scientific and personal details, Dyson at once excites and informs young readers. Clever, low-tech demonstrations and experiments elucidate physical principles. The illustrations include lucid cartoons and color photos, and a concluding list of Web sites will expedite further inquiry./Scholastic

$6.00 (retail $16.95)

First on the Moon by Barbara Hehner – Glossy SC
--What it was like when man landed on the moon/An I Was There Book

The History News IN SPACE - SC
--Go right back in time to look at the colorful characters through history who risked ridicule and sometimes their lives when they put forward the ideas that started our journey into space. Also learn the enthralling story of the Russian and American space race.

Blizzards! By Lorraine Jean Hopping – SC
--Hello Reader – Level 4/Grades 2-3

Science with Air – Usborne Science Activites/Chick-fil-A - SC

Volcano! By Cynthia Pratt Nicolson – SC
--Ages 8-12

Why Don’t Haircuts Hurt? by Melvin and Gilda Berger – SC
--Questions and Answers About Your Body/Scholastic

Be Healthy! By Mavis Jukes and Lilian Cheung, D.Sc., R.D. - SC
--It’s a Girl Thing: Food, Fitness, and Feeling Great
A guide for adolescent girls on how to stay healthy and fit, with information on nutrition and exercise. (117 pages)
$3.75 (retail $12.95)

So You Want to Be An Inventor? By Judith St. George – HC with Dust Jacket
--$7.00 (retail $16.99)

---Colonial, Lewis & Clark, Civil War, & World War II Era and MORE...

HC = Hardcover / SC = Soft Cover
Nf = Non-Fiction / F = Fiction

The following books are in *VG - LIKE NEW* condition unless otherwise noted - postage extra:

The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution of the United States – SC/Nf
(These are the actual texts)

America the Beautiful – Special Commemorative Edition by Scholastic – SC/Nf
(Beautiful photography of the US with accompanying text of the song “America the Beautifulâ€

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