What do we know about the father's role?

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What do we know about the father's role?

Postby BroGeorge7 » Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:05 am

Hello, I am a young minister, youth pastor, and student of seminary. I am currently working on my masters. The subject is on family worship. I am taking the direction of the father's role in the home as the spiritual leader (I am calling him the "Forgotten Pastor" because it seems that families have pushed the spiritual leadership role of their families off on young guys like me who have no children or young children at best.) I need recources that will help me to complete this work. I would appreciate any books or recources that would deal with the subject of the role of a father biblically, family worship, house churches, early church worship structure, or any other book that would lend toward the completion of this thesis. It is my desire to make this thesis into a prototype for shifting the youth ministry into a family ministry, with the intent of losing my job to the men who should rightly hold such a position-the fathers.

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