Unit study for High School

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Unit study for High School

Postby Rinata » Tue Sep 26, 2006 3:46 pm

We started out this year using Abeka which is very structured and already my daughter thinks it not very much fun and not what she hoped homeschooling would be like. I brought up the idea of unit study. We talked about taking say the weather that she is learning in science and incorporating her other subjects into it. For example she could see if the weather (science) here in the US in the same as the weather in Asia during the autumn months (geography) and make graphs and charts on the weather, like tracking it (Algebra 1) and she could also write a short paper on all she has learned (language). What I'm wondering is, I have a scope and sequence booklet from Abeka that shows what she should be learning for 9th grade, can we feasibly use this and unit study style to learn these things and do a whole lot more exploration and use our community resources to learn all the things she needs to learn for high school in order to pass a college entrance exam? I figured I could also use the test booklets from Abeka as a guide for what she should learn and then have her take those test in order for her to have a written proof of what she learned and a grade to record for transcript purposes. I don't plan on having her take a GED and I have already talked to the counselers at the college she wants to go to and they let me know she does not have to take the GED to get in so long as I have a transcript for her and she can pass the entrance exam the same as any other student.
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Postby CANIACMOM » Sat Jul 19, 2008 9:09 pm

Hi there,
I am in the same boat as you this year, except I am trying to combine a few things with both my boys (9th & 5th grades). We did ABEKA and overall enjoyed it, but I want to create a more relaxed learning environment. What I have opted to do is use ABEKA for math and grammar; then create unit studies for science and history. W are going to tour different parts of the world for history and implement hot topics for science (global warming, environment, weird weather, ect). I am creating unit studies that both my boys can study together, but certain assignment requirements based upon their grade level. Same thing with science. I figured we can utilize the library and internet, maybe even newpapers. I am basing the topics on th scope & sequence too. Hope this sheds some light for you.

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