Tips for Working Parents?

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Tips for Working Parents?

Postby citrusmom » Fri Mar 02, 2007 10:18 am

I hs my teenager last year thru an online school. Since it was my first go around I thought he would be able to do alot on his own. But since he has ADHD I quickly learned that was going to happen. Since both his dad and I work fulltime and we have another child who is 10 and attends public school I found it very difficult to get everything done. I would give him daily assignments and when I came home in the evening we would address the assignments he could not do on his own. So we would work 7 days a week to get all his assignments completed. This year he went back to public school but he isn't doing well and I really have no other choice but to hs again. Any tips from working hs parents?


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Postby StellarStory » Fri Apr 20, 2007 9:20 pm

I work but only a few hours each week.

Having teens, I've found that they MUST help pick out curriculum and be in on the decisions. I don't consider myself a teacher as much as a facilitator.

I highly recommend the Teenage Liberation Handbook and family meetings to help discuss and decide on how schooling can get done.

In our case I have the kids help pick out what they are going to use. If they want to learn something that I don't know and don't care to learn along with them I try to get them materials and/or people who can help them.

They must turn in their work by 5 pm the day before it is due. This gives me time to look over and check that it has been done and is on an A or B level.

Then and only then, do they get their privileges. Those include, phone, computer, tv, having people over, driving, and setting their own hours.

A work about keeping their own hours. This actually helps me. They rarely get up before noon. So I get more of their "work" day with them even if I have to work that morning. The job is being a student.

They must maintain a decent attitude, meet their obligations and keep their grades up to get what they want out of life.


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Postby papooses » Sat Apr 21, 2007 6:00 am

Perhaps there are some support groups in your area? Learning cooperatives? Community events? If not, he might enjoy coordinating some for himself & learning more along the way through doing so?

Maybe there's a farmer's market etc. for him to get a small job to help offset any financial issues so that 1 of you could cut back your hours?

People learn best by actually teaching others so maybe he could offer himself as a help to other homeschoolers of younger children, too?

My stepson is only 12, but also has ADD + bipolar -- he's in public school, but the little bit of homeschooling I've been able to fit in with him during rare visits has been very helpful for him ... all the best to you with this!
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