18 years old, attending online high school.

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18 years old, attending online high school.

Postby RtnlSLtn » Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:52 pm

I'm Justin Rasmussen and I attend CompuHigh online high school. Previously I had attended public schools my whole life. Kindergarten through eight grade, I attended a "choice" public school. This school focused on a much more relaxed curriculum and much more freedom to advance. This school also allowed students to have much more choice and selection. I switched to CompuHigh because during my senior year, I quickly grew to simply dislike the way I was being taught. This doesn’t go for just one or two classes, it goes beyond that. I wasn’t getting the one on one attention that I needed, because I learn different. I also didn’t feel comfortable in this form of learning; I didn’t feel I had any choice in anything. It was “go to class, sit in class, get the homework done, and turn it in, repeat.â€

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