Christ-centered Egyptian adventure game Riddle of the Sphinx

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Christ-centered Egyptian adventure game Riddle of the Sphinx

Postby jefftobler » Mon May 05, 2014 2:02 pm

Hello fellow Home-schoolers,

We wanted to let you know about an epic Egyptian adventure that is being rebuilt in real-time 3d by a homeschooling family for other Christians, but also for those who do not know Christ. :) (The official press release with more information is contained near the bottom)

Here's what you will be able to do: Explore secret chambers. Discover hidden tombs. And unravel an ancient Riddle entombed by the ancient Egyptians, in real-time 3D!

You can find more information here: http://riddleofthesphinx/kickstarter

You can support the game project and receive the game (and other neat rewards) by pledging at our Kickstarter page (

Riddle of the Sphinx is a Christian-base puzzle/adventure game that takes the player through compelling archaeological ruins and history while uncovering archaeological Biblical evidence answering age-old mysteries surrounding the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.

Specifically, the Old Testament is used to show chronological synchronization of the Great Pyramid. Players of all age will have access to amazingly life-like real-time 3D environments in this family-friendly archaeological adventure.

This family-friendly epic adventure features:

  • Christ-centered storyline
  • Biblically accurate, historical evidence
  • Optimal for all ages and family-friendly
  • Virtual-3d exploration of Sphinx & Great Pyramid
  • Educational overlay of ancient Egypt’s monuments and history
  • Stimulating puzzles interwoven through game
  • Game includes full readable version of Bible and archaeological volumes
  • The game glorifies God and shares Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So we would appreciate your support of this project. Please consider pledging (even $1 pledge is helpful) at our Kickstarter page ( and spread the word to others: ... re-in-real

LifeTree Games — developer of Riddle of the Sphinx and other games — is a family-run Christian-based game development studio (of homeschoolers) located near Saint Louis, Missouri.

Kickstarter funding site:
Web site:

Christian Game Developers Announce Educational, Family-friendly, Christ-centered Egyptian adventure of Sphinx and Great Pyramid!

[i]Jeff and Karen Tobler, Christian game developers, are “rebuildingâ€
Jeff Tobler

Developer, Riddle of the Sphinx now funding on Kickstarter

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