The Chess Club Comes Home! - Welcome to The HSCC

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Is your child already reaping the many benefits that come from playing chess regularly?

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The Chess Club Comes Home! - Welcome to The HSCC

Postby PhilTheChessCoach » Mon May 27, 2013 11:00 am


We are proud to announce that registration for The Home School Chess Club is now open for the Summer/Fall 2013 Semester! Finally, our children can have a true chess club experience - at home! The Home School Chess Club was created and designed specifically with our community, the home-schooling community, in mind. Believing that every child should have an opportunity to learn and grow in the academic rigor of chess, our uniquely designed online program brings a 'better than chess club' experience home to your child! Phil "The Chess Coach" hosts the Virtual Online Classroom and provides On-Call Learning so all of your child's questions about the lessons are answered in a flash! Your child will receive chess instruction all throughout the week in The HSCC's Online Classroom, versus receiving chess instruction only one day a week (as is the case in traditional 'brick & mortar' chess clubs).


Weekly Online & OTB (Over The Board) Meetups* allow your child to practice what they've learned by playing a variety of different HSCC members from all over the world! Weekly Online Tournaments allow your child to flex their chess muscles and pit their skills against fellow club members for an opportunity to win ribbons and trophies for their accomplishments! Tournament play is the only true measure of how well your child has internalized the game and the HSCC Online Tournament Circuit gives your child ample opportunity to stretch & grow through our online weekend tournaments. (Please visit our website for a chance to win a tournament-style chess set. While there, check out the First One Hundred introductory promotion!) Seats are still available but going fast! This Summer, give your child the gift of chess - Welcome to The Home School Chess Club!

call/text 623-330-9530

Lesson One is available for viewing and learning on June 1, 2013! Reserve your special pricing by becoming of member of The First One Hundred! Register today!

*OTB Meetups are made available to members living in the Phoenix/Metro (AZ, USA) area.
Phil "The Chess Coach" says: "Play Chess. It makes you smarter." Finally, a chess club for the home-schooled student! Presenting The Home School Chess Club.

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