Why I'm taking my Daughter out of Texas Public Schools!

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Why I'm taking my Daughter out of Texas Public Schools!

Postby Vomo » Mon Feb 26, 2007 1:42 am

Well there are a lot of Reasons that I am Starting home schooling My Daughter as of Tomorrow.
I guess the Main reason is because someone needs to go back and teach the Golden Rule not only to the students but mainly to my daughter's school's employees. Out of all of her classes there are only 2 teachers that I can say don't need to be re-teached the Golden Rule! And a handful of the other employees that are there can skip that class too.
The P.E. coach that tells my really lucky teenage daughter that she is going to be fat. {Now this was just to her and another classmate, not put in general} Then she starts not wanting to eat. (Don't worry I gave her a good education about eating proper and proper exercise She'll be just fine) It has some to do with genetics. Which she should have no worries there.
Then there are the teachers that just don't like certain children. They try to call the parent of one of her friends to get the child in trouble with her mom because my daughter tripped over her [not seeing her kneed down to tie her shoe]. My daughter just had surgery and had been a little out of it the first day back to school.
Then there are the teachers that flat out cuss out a student or students.
They not excepting notes from me or even a note from a doctor and counting it unexcused absents. They have her only excused for 3 days when she has missed way more than that and had notes for way more than only 3 days. She has been sick a lot this year, had surgery, dental problems and for the first 3 months of the school year I didn't have any money nor insurance to take her to a Doctor or dentist. I applied for Medicaid after I lost my job but they fired a lot of people and a lot of people quit so it took months to get approved for Medicaid for her. So I did my best to take care of her at home and called the school and informed them what was going on.
Then there is the way they teach or some not teach. No Books. Telling my daughter she can get tutoring and I and then they won't let her into the school in the morning to go to the teacher that said she would help her or when she is able to get into the school the teacher is not there.
Then there were the bomb threats. They pulled her away from her classes when they had to leave the building. Then there was them locking the kids in the class room and not letting them to go out in the halls during class hours. No Bathroom passes and twice she wasn't aloud to go to the nurse when she wasn't felling well. They had problems with her inhaler for her asthma. They had problems with her back problems she has from an injury. She gets pain in her lower back from time to time. But the medicine from the pain makes her sleepy or I had to teat her with over the counter drugs that didn't really work when I didn't have insurance. Them not sending make up work home when I called and requested it, in advance too. Either because they don’t have the resources to do so or they just don't care.
Then there is the Teasing because she is light skin 1/2 Hispanic. {I'm white}. There is a lot of Hate and disrespect at that school. Violence from the Staff and Students.
But I think what really took the cake was we wet to court on Thursday over her missing so much school and I found out that they only have 3 excused days for my daughter saying they only received one note from her. They lied. Then they said they went out to the address they had on file for a home visit and it was the wrong address. [Which was our address from last year] I had to give the new address to register her in school this year. She had already went to HS in California [she had A's & B's] but when she got BK here for this school year they put her back in Middle school because they said she didn't go to summer school. They said they came by our old address to inform me she needed to go to summer school. [They lied] I'm home during the days I work 2nd shift. When I went to enroll her in school I had to give them proof of Resident. I gave them my lease agreement, rent receipts, and my new TX ID which has our current address on it. They are so dumb they went to the old address and were told we moved the next day they pulled my daughter out of class and asked her the new address she gave it to them. Then they go out to the old address again. How stupid. Then they said they have been out to the new address several times [I think they said 8 times] and left these yellow note papers because no one answered. Well I know I was home and my room mate who worked grave yards was home. ????? They lied again in court! To the judge! And the attendance lady that was there on the behalf of the school was rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth when I was telling the Judge they never came by and always had my correct address. I gave it to the school registrar.
Then there is them changing what my daughter can and can’t wear to school. I went to OLD NAVY and bought her Several School shirts that they said she could wear. She also wears tank tops under them or another shirt too. She does not show cleavage. But now here it is February and they want to tell her she can’t wear those shirts any more because the sleeves are too short [Which trust they are not!] and then now some of the pants they approved before they are not now. But now get this, the Teachers can show there breast and dress how ever they want. Just like the kids can’t cuss the teachers out [which I hope they wouldn’t in the first place, but some times do] and the teachers can cuss at the children. There are tons of rebellious students at this school and low income and parents that are on drugs, selling drugs and so much more. Now Look I’m low income right now but my children are totally well mannered. I’ve had my ups and downs. I’d say about 10% to 20 % of the students are well mannered. But if they stay in that environment much longer they won’t be. I’ve seen a change in my daughter and not for the better.
Oh and I can’t forget sending my daughter to school with the supplies they ask for and the teacher losing them or saying she didn’t bring them in. Not just her but other students too. Not my daughter but one of her friends [might as well be my 2nd daughter] bringing in money for her cheerleading outfit and then the teacher not marking it down but giving her a receipt. Then when they come in she didn’t get one. The teacher said she had no record of her getting the money form her. She brings I the receipt which is just like the one my daughter has and the ones for the Cheer t-shirts. Well the teacher told her “How do I know if you didn’t just make a receipt your self?â€
-Veronica :0)

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Postby Dolly-VA » Mon Feb 26, 2007 2:55 pm

Wow :shock: I would pull my child out, too, AND make a big deal of it. Imo you are doing the right thing!

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Postby momo3boys » Mon Feb 26, 2007 8:23 pm

Great job pulling her out, She doesn't need that, and neither do you.

When you start schooling her, let her have abreak. She needs to get that "stuff" out of her system. Maybe ask her to keep a journal and do some free writing, this is very theraputic, but let her be for a week or two, until you see your old daughter back.
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Postby Vomo » Wed Feb 28, 2007 2:10 am

Thanks for the responce :D
Well I was going to go easy on her at first. With it being only our second day things have been pretty relax especialy since I ended up taken her to the hospital Monday night with a fever that started to climb instead of going down. :? Wierd thing about after an hour of us being there her fever started to go down and her skin was no longer hot!!! She is doing great today and asked me if she could finish her work from yesterday that we started. :)
Thanks for the idea, I think her keeping a journal is an awesome idea.
-Veronica :0)

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Postby StellarStory » Fri Apr 27, 2007 10:08 pm

I didn't read the whole thing. It was formatted as a solid block of text and that hurts my eyes.

I'm sure you are doing the right thing anyway by home schooling.

Good luck to you and your child.


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Postby beth » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:28 am

Goodness Vomo! It does sound like you have a lot of reasons to be unhappy with the school, but at the moment I am more concerned about your writing. Are you a non-native speaker? If so, you should consider getting an English tutor for your daughter, or plan to spend time re-educating yourself in English grammar and spelling. Best of luck!

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