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Speed Reading Machines

Postby OA » Tue Jan 09, 2007 1:22 pm

Does anyone else use "speed reading" machines, to improve speed and accuracy in reading? We have used two different kinds while home schooling our children. I have searched for them on the internet since we purchased them second hand, but could no longer find them.

READMASTER (by Ken-A-Vision)
This machine uses large flash cards, with word families, etc. You can adjust the speed, so that the cards will feed through at different rates. You can read the word lists slowly or very quickly! This machine is a wonderful tool for the beginning reader!

SHADOWSCOPE (by Psychotechnics, Inc.)
This machine has a band of light which scrolls down the pages of a book that you place on the book rest. There is a gauge and a chart which allows you to adjust the speed and calculate the rate at which the student is reading.

We have used both of them, and each assists in developing speed in a unique way. Has anyone found other reading machines similar to these ones? They have definitely given our children an advantage in reading! Our oldest daughter was offered multiple Dean's Scholarships at various universities, and is now in Pre-Med at the age of 17.

There is an electronic version of a speed reading machine:
ACE READER (by StepWare, Inc.)

After taking a speed reading course at university, using the textbook:

DEVELOPING READING VERSATILITY (by W. Royce Adams), I became totally convinced that the machines increased overall reading speed and comprehension.

I found a free speed reading test at:


If any of you would like to add more links or resources available to assist in developing speed and comprehension, please do so here. It would be greatly appreciated!
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