Learning to play the piano so you can teach your family

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Learning to play the piano so you can teach your family

Postby smunson » Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:20 pm

Hello. I am new to this site so thank you for allowing to step in.

I have a piano studio and I am wanting to reach out to those that might not be able to afford lessons for their entire family. I have been brain storming ideas and one that came up was a special group class. This group would be for stay at home mom or dad that could come and not only learn how to play but the also learn the tools need to teach piano.

This class would be a mid-morning and early-afternoon group lesson (about 50 mins depending on the number of people - 5 or more) where the students are parents that want to learn piano AND are wanting to go back to teach the other members of their family how to play. The last part is very important. You must have someone you are willing to teach.

I am attempting to avoid naming any specifics because I don't want this to be an advertisement. I am seeking a perspective from the readers here. I will simply say this is a non-traditional approach that not only changes who can play piano but also who can teach it. This program is even gaining nation and international attention about how students living with special circumstances are able to benefit from this program.

I know many homeschool families struggle economically with the idea of having multiple family members take piano lessons. But the method I use is a non-traditional approach.

What I would like to know is from your own perspective, does this interest you?

What hurdles do you feel you would have to over come in order to take a journey like this?

Suppose you knew I had complete confidence that you could do this despite never playing an instrument in your life and the program was so strong you could have others in your house playing contemporary, classical, blues, and accompaniments - immediately - from the very first lessons. Would my confidence be enough to push you forward?

What time during the day do you think a class like this should be in order to be accessible to as many people as possible?

What would you pay per month knowing not only you were learning to play but other members of your family were having the opportunity as well?

Can you think of other questions I should be asking?

Thanks a bunch for helping me think through this idea of mine.

Stan Munson

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