Homeschooling against my husband's 'better judgement'

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Homeschooling against my husband's 'better judgement'

Postby Kadriennel » Sat Aug 19, 2006 9:54 am

I've been homeschooling my son (15) for two years because he was failing in school and the bullying was out of control.

Now I want to homeschool my daughter (10) also, because she is very susceptible to peer influence and I want to shape her world view.

Husband is allowing me to homeschool Rachel against his "better judgement." He worries that she will be lonely and unhappy. He says all girls her age act "that way." But she has gotten steadily better with her attitude over the summer, so I know it's influenced by who she hangs around with. There are several girls her age nearby (we live in the country) who are appropriate for her play with in the afternoons and weekends, so I don't think she'll be too lonely.

How can I reassure my husband that homeschooling is a better option for her as well as our son? He is not devout in his Christian walk so using that arguement won't work. He was basically left to raise himself by two alcoholic parents, and he thinks that children will turn out okay if you just leave them alone. He thinks public school is good enough, and that "good enough" is good enough for our children. I don't.

Thankfully he bends to most of my preferences in the area of parenting, so I can homeschool, even though it is not what he prefers.

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Postby robinsegg » Mon Sep 04, 2006 3:36 pm

Well, it sounds like hubby is in, dubious or not. So, set up a "trial period" of 1 year with him. Tell him you're willing to re-evaluate each year to see what's best. Also, plan with your daughter things to do socially, so hubby can see her blossom socially, with children her own age and people older and younger (set up something with the local seniors center, with a family of younger children, with a girl scout or heritage girls group, AWANA, etc.).
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