Alpha Omega Academy - Comments?

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Alpha Omega Academy - Comments?

Postby Becky13 » Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:17 pm


I'm very happy to have found this forum. I will be posting a few messages, as I have a few issues of concern, and felt it would be better to put them in separate posts.

I am looking at using the Alpha Omega Academy for my 8th grader this year, and would like any input.

I would like the SOS version, as my daughter loves working on the computer, and am going to use the Enhanced Services option as well, so she has access to a teacher anytime she needs help when I'm not there, or we can't answer her question effectively.

I homeschooled 2 years ago with SOS, which was not a great success, but we got through it. At the time I was working part-time and was able to work with my daughter, but now am working full time and need more support, so her grandmother doesn't have to take on the entire burden during the day.

Problem I have is she is ADD inattentive - not hyper, but very quickly bored, hates to read, and likes to do as little as possible to get by. I am hoping having a teacher available to her through AO Academy will help keep her focused, and help me not be the "bad guy" all the time trying to keep her on track! In 6th grade when we homeschooled before, I realize she was probably not mature enough to really tackle all of it on her own, but I feel this year she should be mature enough to start taking responsiblity for her studies.

Any input is appreciated!

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