Anyone used the "God Made Music" or BJU Music Cu

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Phyllis in MD
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Anyone used the "God Made Music" or BJU Music Cu

Postby Phyllis in MD » Wed Aug 02, 2006 12:00 pm

Hello. I'm considering purchasing the "God Made Music" by Praise Hymn, inc., curriculum for my 3rd and 7th graders so we can do a better job of music education than I have in the past!!LOL. :D I am also considering Bob Jone's music curriculum. They both look good, and I can't decide! I have only limited music training myself. (Played clarinet for a few years in jr. high). My 7th grader isn't really interested in playing an instrument, though he's tried a few, so I'm relying on a curriculum to give him a well-rounded music education. I'd love to hear your opinions on either of these two curriculums. How did you like the music, how did your kids like the curriculums, how easy was it to implement, do you think it covered enough material, etc. By the way, there is a review of "God Made Music" in the last "Big Book of Home Learning" by Mary Pride, which is where I first found out about it. They have a web site now with samples. I'm not sure if you are allowed to post web site links here, but if you google Praise Hymn, Inc. I think you'll find it, in case anyone else is interested. Thanks for any help you can give me in deciding which one to go with. (Or should I do my usual "buy them both and drive myself crazy trying to do it all?)
Phyllis in MD
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Postby Mark » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:53 am

They have curriculum for music? :shock:


We are just relying on the music teachers we support to provide them with
theory etc, these days.
But then, both mine play multiple instruments. not sure how I would go
about music education without them applying it. hmm...


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