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Educational Software

Postby WissNX-01 » Tue Jul 18, 2006 7:24 am

This by no means is a shameless plug or spam.

Both my kids are homeschooled. It is not something that I generally support, but have recently become more accepting of the idea.

In knowing that, I test Linux distributions for fun when I am not being geeky at work. I ran across Edubuntu. It is an OS created for school kids. Specfically, it is a complete educational environment with games and all that. I like it so much that I am thinking of using it in a after-school program I am thinking of starting.

check it out at

Another great feature is the fact that it can be downloaded for free, as opposed to hundreds of dollars for Microsoft stuff, and it will even run on a Mac if needed.

Just something to consider.

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