Homeschooling Great Examples

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Homeschooling Great Examples

Postby Homeschooling A » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:23 pm

The more people that homeschool, the greater it is for everybody. How do we convince others (particularly the skeptics) that homeschooling is great then, to increase numbers? I think the best argument is to provide good examples of those who have grown up, excelled and were homeschooled.

EG: The 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics this year was homeschooled. You can read the full story at:

This guy says that his #1 influence was his mom. Exactly what a homeschooled person would say!

I think this is also great for our children who may question what we do, with examples like these, who can argue back?

Do you agree? Is this the best argument we can give: examples of homeschooled greats?


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