Short Movie - A Homeschool Family

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Short Movie - A Homeschool Family

Postby Theodore » Tue Dec 18, 2007 2:48 pm
I bet this is going to be all over the Internet in a few days. Funniest thing I've seen in a while.

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Postby momo3boys » Tue Dec 18, 2007 6:06 pm

That is so funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I love it!
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Postby 4given » Tue Dec 18, 2007 10:13 pm

:lol: Awesome!


Postby ClassiclyAmber » Wed Jan 23, 2008 11:08 am

I've seen that and think it's cute! :lol:

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Postby Mathmom » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:48 pm

Very funny! We watched all the videos. The homeschool family was the best.We played it over and over.
Thanks, I needed some cheering up. :D

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