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Should I start yet?

Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:38 am
by hfencsak
My background... I have two boys, 6 and 4, whom I'd like to hs this fall. My elder son just successfully completed public kinder and likes the "friends" aspect of school, and my younger is very bright and is begging me to start him in kindergarten at home, since he can't legally go for another year (Jan birthday). I really want to keep them both at home full time for various reasons, but I am also expecting my third boy in August. We live in Spain and don't have a homeschool support group local to the area.

My current situation is this... I have been trying to "practice" hs both boys during the summer to see if it would work out, but honestly I find that more times than not, we end up doing nothing I have planned (I am using an Usborne Ten Terrific Weeks program). Part of me says, "It's their summer, they should lounge and play when they want to," but the other half of me is arguing that I just don't have it in me to really pull this thing off. Yes, I am overwhelmed at all I have read between a dozen or so books, a handful of mags, websites, catalogs, etc. Yes, I am hot and as big as a barn right now, and really don't have motivation for much anyway. Yes, I am not getting really good sleep, but that isn't likely to change soon, is it?

My question is this... Should I really try to take this on at such a life-changing juncture, or wait for a more sane time of our lives? Is it too much to expect to be able to do it all, newborn and first time hsing? Does anyone have any experience in this?

Thanks for reading, I look forward to any advice you might have.

:)have a great day,
heidi fencsak

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 2:34 pm
by momo3boys
I started homeschooling with an infant. It wasn't that hard. He would eat. sleep and lay there. Made it easy to teach around him. Now that he is a toddler it is a little harder, so we do a lot while he is napping. My advice is to take it one subject at a time. Start with something fun like science. Do one experiement a day, or do a little math, but just one thing a day, or one subject a week. Keep it simple, you can't expect the energy to do it all at once. It will be too overwhelming. Start small and it will be easier for the kids to adjust too. You can do it!

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 4:29 pm
by hfencsak
Thank you! I love the sensible advice, and to know that someone else has already conquered this feat, well... it gives me much encouragement.

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2006 10:55 am
by kkapfe
I am homeschooling two girls (1st gr and kindergarten) with a 2 year old sitting around with us. We also do alot while she naps. I have also found that sometimes if it doesn't go well during the day, we wait until my husband gets home and finish up our schoolwork in the evening when he can occupy our youngest. Just remember that you probably won't get through everything everyday. On the other hand, if your kids are anything like mine, there are some days where it just "clicks" and we get through more than I planned. For example, with history last Friday I planned on reading 3 pages out of our book about Christopher Columbus. After the 3 pages, they were begging to read more. We ended up reading almost the whole chapter. Just take everyday as it comes.

Also as a side note, it's okay to take a "Teacher Institute" day like we are doing today. They do it in public school so why can't we, right?